What level should I become a Mage?

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6 years ago#1

I'm currently level five, and still in the Hive trying to finish all the sidequests.

6 years ago#2
I think it's when you feel comfortable with your HP. Because as fighter lvl up provides 1-10 random HP, but as mage it's about 1-4 as I have noticed. I changed to mage at fighter lvl 6.
6 years ago#3
Since the Specialization Bonus is at level 7 I recommend training with Mabeth once you reach level 6 as a fighter.
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6 years ago#4

Alright, done. Where should I allocate my points, WIS/INT/CHA? What do finished stats look like without equipment?

6 years ago#5
the beginners guide actually has pretty good advice for building any character type. it actually recommends getting the fighter spec at 7, since you dont really need more than 19 int to do everything as a mage. wisdom, any class should start with an 18 really, but wisdom doesnt have any direct impact on any mage abilities. as long as you havethose, pump con for crazy regen or dex to stack with all the crazy mage-only armor class boosts.
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6 years ago#6
I like to start with these stats:
18 Wisdom
15 Intelligence
13 Dexterity
11 Charisma

On the first 5 level ups I add:
+2 Charisma
+1 Intelligence
+2 Dexterity

There are also bonuses from O, Sebastion, Vivian, Sarosa, and Xachariah. This gets me past most dialog stat checks. The Strength Spells, Friends Spell, and Cranium Rat Charms come in handy for the others.

Wisdom improves your experience points so raising it will help you level up faster later on.

Stats max out at 25 plus some fractions for Strength at 18. I use Undersigil to grind for experience. Using the Bronze Sphere near the end of the game can raise you a few more levels.
No locked doors, no windows barred. No more things to make my brain seem SKARD.
6 years ago#7
If you want advice about which stats to raise next tell the stats your unequipped character has.
6 years ago#8

My starting stats: INT 17, WIS 18, CHA 13.

I was told I would get the best dialogue, and magic help with these. What points to should I put in before I turn into a Mage?

6 years ago#9
I forgot to mention that I got a +1 Wisdom from O, and now that makes my starting stats: following stats: INT 17, WIS 19, CHA 13.
6 years ago#10
Don't raise int at level up, you don't need more than 18 which you'll have after reaching level 7 first as mage.
Cha can be raised with the "friends" spell, if you're too lazy to use it outside shopping take a +2 cha tattoo and raise it by 1, but more than 16 won't help much.
Don't spend more than 1 level up for raising wis.

I'd put the remaining level up stat points into con, it will only yield a little regeneration benefit before reaching 15+, but later raises will make a big difference.
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