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#1zhang_danPosted 10/23/2008 10:29:32 AM
Ill try keep it short `ish :)

I found this game by chance and im on my 5th run through and ive finally got the production fleet defence situation sorted but ofc i have one last thing i cant seem to get the hang of.

Combat> taking regions/provinces.

Open ground combat no problem but taking forts O.o

I just dont seem to be able to take one fort even when its guarded by one cavalry and ofc the 3 siege cannons,ill give a explanation why.

So i got 12 untis i try go in with 10 range cavalry and 2 artillery,i stay out of range of the defending cannons to blow open the walls that part done i begin my charge,so i send all ten cav units forward and the two cannons and this is where i get the >.<

So my cavalry moves upto the breech one cannon fires and routes a cav so i move another...same story and another same again,so im thinking haha i got you now i move another and WTF the cannons fire again another and again ect so i lost 6 cavalry at this point,all my units have moved computers turn,no reload for these guys bam bam BAM there goes another 3 cavalry.
Im now left with 1 cav and 2 artillery,i hit the 2 cannons with mine,i then move my cavalry to try charge the one cannon that wont rout,as i move near it bam its hit so im left with one cannon and ofc i loose.

Im obviously doing somthing wrong or im a complete idiot ^^

I need help tips hints,maybe i left it to late to begin my assualt on the world its about 1800 and i got all the tech i need,i got tons of food and three minor nations joined me on the same continent so i dont transport much just furs,sugar ect

Atm my current game is a total stale mate i have portugals port blockaded and ive split up my two mobile fleets into 5 ships each and beachhead about 5-8 provinces to try get the comp to spread his troops out but basically atm he can hold any area with one unit :S

so after that rant style explaination ill post some quetions.

1.What am i doing wrong (the biggy)
2.should i have gone after them sooner?
3. are siege cannon defended forts impossible to take
4. whats the max number of troops i can send into an area/control in one battle
5.what use are genrals?

Also please post any usefull info

Ok i said id keep it short and i failed sorry for that and anyone that hasnt fallen asleep HELP ME plz :))))
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Ok as i do alot on these boards i will answer my own questions (some of them) :)

1.stop using siege artillery you nubble and use field artillery,send in infantry to draw there fire then move in the field artlillery and slaughter them ^^

2. It dosnt make much difference but you shouldve gone after the native areas alot faster and taken all the coastal regions first leaving the inner regions until after youve taken the out land areas.

3. No see 1

4.Still dont get this one,anyone care to anser this pls :)

5.Put them near units that you know will take heavy fire and they dont rout as easy.

Ok after talking to myself ill await the men in white jackets but take pity on me and answer number 4


"Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim." Bertrand Russell
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Well another pointless stand off,maybe i should play it on lower levels,in this run through i have every major power blockaded and because of the silly wait a turn before you can attack they ram shed loads of artillery into each province.
Holland is currently defending 14 areas with 12 units in each one,i cant beach head any more areas and hold of the other major powers.

I see now why i forgot about this game,and im gutted really as everything else about this game is great fun.

If anyone wants to give me some tips ill check back here every now and then but other than that im gone,this games driving me mad O.o
"Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim." Bertrand Russell