A list of good fan missions

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These should keep you busy for awhile.

For Thief Gold:

Calendra's Cistern
Autumn in Lampfire Hills
Lord Edmund Entertains
The Vigil
Bloodstone Prison
Sepulchre of the Sinistral
The Mystery Man
Shadow of Doubt
Lorgan's Web
Lord Beilman's Estate
Returning a Favor
Death of Garrett
Order of the Vine
Events in Highrock
Cult of the Resurrection
Saint of Redmond
Tears of Blood
Turning the Tables
Geller's Pride

For Thief 2:

Thief 2x
Night in Rocksbourgh 1-3
Broken Triad
deceptive perceptions 1+2
Circle of Stone and Shadow 1+2
Inverted Manse
Ominous Bequest Gold
The 7th Crystal
Seven Sisters
Pirates Ahoy
Rowena's Curse
The Tower
Thieves Highway
Horns of Canzo1+2
Rose Cottage
What Lies Below
Seven Shades of Mercury
Flying Age
Happy New Year Mr. Lambert
Tales from the Cleft: Vandal
Greyfeather Gems 1+2
Relic: Left for Dead
Wicked Relics
Lord Alan's Factory+Fortress
Embracing The Enemy
Hidden Agenda
A Debt Repaid
Bad Debts
Saturio Returns Home
Smuggler's Request
Forbidden Rites
Old Comerades, Old Debts
Saints and Thieves
Heist Society
Shining Standards
Into The Maelstrom
Fletcher's Final Mistake
Orthodox Wedding
Memoirs of a dead god
Night Falcon
The Art Of Thievery
Bloodmist Tower
Enterprise (T2 version)
Conspiracies In The Dark
Dark Messiah
The L'Arsene series (L'Arsene, Emilie Victor, the Korrigans/Goblins and The Den)
Mystic Gems 1+2
The Folly Of Youth
Whispers In the Desert
From Beneath the Sands
The Temple of the Tides
Just For Show
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Thief Gold:
Hammerhead: Return To the Docks
Circle of Strain 3
Seeds of Doubt

Thief 2:
Royal Garmyth
Karras Diary
Karrassinian Threat
Ties That Bind
Ashes and Dust
The Ritual
Crom's Blade
A Keeper's Betrayal
Hightowne Museum
Benny's Dead
Raid on Washout Central
Willow Island
Forgotten Forest 1+2
Deep Trouble 1+2
Ranstall Keep
Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... that is coffee.