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6 years ago#1
Would anybody know of a handy spot on the net where I could find artwork for Nocturne? Specifically I'm looking for the pictures that look hand-drawn on yellowed paper.
6 years ago#2
Nah, i can't say i do unfortunately.

I'd like to find the image somewhere online of the photo that Terminal Reality used for the cover art. I don't know if it was taken specifically for the cover of Nocturne or it was some old stock/public domain photo they came across, but i think it's a real cool image. Has a kind of haunting quality to it. Looks like it's overexposed, which i guess gives it that quality. I would love to find it & find out about it. I've looked on the box, the booklet and online, but i haven't had any success finding anything out about it, much less where i might actually find it. Only other thing i can think of is to try the Terminal Reality website and see if there's someone there who might know...
6 years ago#3
Nocturne really does have a haunting/eerie image for its cover art...

6 years ago#4
6 years ago#5
6 years ago#6
I don't know about the origins of that photograph, but I do agree it looks good. I did manage to dig up something from the old 3dactionplanet Nocturne site via Wayback Machine. Even when the page can be found, it doesn't always have all the media.

Try for example this: http://web.archive.org/web/20010619163359rn_1/www.3dactionplanet.com/spookhouse/
6 years ago#7
That's cool, ill check the site out. I tell ya, that Way Back Machine at the Internet Archive is a real handy feature. Used it many times myself.
6 years ago#8
6 years ago#9
Well, crappety-crap. Once I finally got around to playing the game again, I discovered that an old problem crops up again with nVidia cards. Namely, none of the 3D models show. And none of the solutions I've been able to find work for me.
6 years ago#10
Yay, I got it fixed! I just forced off all the advanced graphics options from the nVidia control panel, such as buffers, filters and vsync.
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