Am I Doing Something Wrong in MOO3?

#1gorehamstevePosted 5/15/2008 7:36:31 AM
To MOO3 buffs. I bought MOO3 2-3 years ago and, after reading the chat room emails to learn and playing several times, I am able to beat the game on "hard" as the humans every time.

For one game example, I am currently at turn 200. I have 2374 votes in the senate vs. about 1100 for the Orions and 900 for the nearest other civilization. I have a naval value of 245 to the next nearest competitor of 14. I have well over 100 worlds. I used a custom set-up for the humans and a huge galaxy with 16 competitors.

Is it possible that my game is not set on "hard', or some other issue? I can't find a way to check my original set-up after play has started to confirm that I'm on the toughest set-up. But I always select "hard" at set-up and have not been seriously challenged.

I enjoy the game, but unless I find a problem with my set-up procedure, the AI is not much competition.

Any ideas?