This game needs remade

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5 years ago#1
Seriously with a little more polish and better graphics this game could be a classic RPG. All this lost potential makes me sick. As is, Aidyn Chronicles is a flawed unappreciated diamond.
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5 years ago#2
It needs to be remade with a sequel.
5 years ago#3
Especially on the 3DS, this game could be amazing. American RPG's are such a niche breed of gaming you have to be a beast like Skyrim to sell.

I want to start playing this game again. I remember buying it back at Gamestop in 2003 for about $6. Despite the flaws I love games this overwhelming in depth and atmosphere.
PSN: McPistol
All time favorites: MGS3, Fallout 2, Morrowind, GTA: VC, OoT, Earthbound
5 years ago#4
I'd like to see it too, but the game bombed so hard it's impossible, and it has a bad reputation.
5 years ago#5
Yeah, sadly, it came out as the obsession with graphics was going on. Pity. It was indeed awesome beyond belief.
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5 years ago#6
Does it really have a 'bad reputation?' I was under the impression that the game pretty much got completely ignored, so the only people who would be likely to remember it at all if another 'Aidyn Chronicles' game came out would be the people who liked it.

Honestly, I hated this game like nobody's business when I first played it (mostly because it's freaking hard if are a newb with no idea what you're doing), but it grew on me, and is now probably one of my favorite games ever, despite its long list of flaws and glitches. The whole idea of this huge open world was crazy at the time it was released, and it's really a shame that it came out on the worst system possible for supporting that kind of game. I still think it has the most well done exploration, maybe tied with Morrowind (I have yet to play Skyrim). It's one of few games where I actually WANTED to go around searching for treasure, instead of just passing by some cave or dungeon on my way somewhere else and being like 'eh, may as well.'

I also still think about the story of this game sometimes. I don't know if it was based on anything, but it was surprisingly good (if a bit transparent). I wish they could have done more with it.
5 years ago#7
I say a bad reputation, as I remember going on boards after its release, and people were all talking about how much it is crap, even those who never played it (yep it was already like that at that time).

Now, after that many years, everyone forgot about the game, except the fans like us.

Everyone wanted a FF-like rpg back then instead, since the PlayStation had so many. Also, just check the reviews, most people were all agreeing it was very bad.

I actually remember writing a review giving it 37%. I wanted a FF-turn-based like game, and hated the starting difficulty... but I wrote the review without even getting to Erromon. lol I just happened to give it a second try many years later, and it's now in my top10 of best games ever.
5 years ago#8
Yeah, I saw one review that gave it a 0.5
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5 years ago#9
*steps out of the shadows*

hi triaxx2, been a while :)

I've said it once, though I think of those currently posting here triaxx's the only one who's heard it lol...

90% of the reviews for this game were written by people who didn't play past the initial fight with the goblins (the one you can't win...)
they complained that the graphics were garbage
(I thought they were ok, but then I still play with my Atari 2600...)
they complained that the combat system stank and was way to hard to win fights
(maybe try a fight you're not supposed to lose as part of the story....)
if they had bothered to give the game a chance and stick with it for even just an hour...
...they might have ended up playing it for the next year (or longer)

I'd love to see it re-released... leave in all the minor glitches (the hole in the sky, the floating tree etc...) but please fix the save file issues and the non-recoverable crashes...

*walks back into the shadows and fades away*
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5 years ago#10
Technically, the only corruption I ever encountered was from cheating the system to equip weapons I wasn't supposed to be able to use yet. Looking at you Sword of Chaos.
I am Triaxx Guardian of earth.
Sole member of the Guardians. RP/FF Char Count:15

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