just started this game, i require some advice

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4 years ago#1
im not very far, just picked up my party from the castle and ventured out into the forest.

using godric, abrecan, brenna.

any advice how to build these characters up? unfortunately i tend to minmax in games that give me the option to build a character however i want, and any guidelines would be nice.

all i am aware of right now is godric is good for making money early on, and beef up alarons dex right away.

other than that right now it seems abrecan kills everything while the rest of the party is useless.
4 years ago#2
Abrecan will be your tank for a while, and the others will get more and more useful, so don't worry about that part. It won't be too long before they all become useful in battle.

As for how you should take care of their stats... I haven't played for years and the one thing I really remember, which is the most important.. you already know about it. (dex on Alaron)

I remember boosting everyone's dex early, as I just hate wasting a turn because I missed an attack. But maybe that's just me. I also liked giving stamina early to everyone, especially those who fight melee (like Abrecan, Alaron if you use him like that, etc) because as you know HP is very important because of the permanent deaths which forces your to reload your save file.

Some skills are also very useful, like I think one is called "fighter" and there's "shield".. and "sword", stuff like that. Look them up in a guide. However don't waste XP on the skills in early game, if I remember correctly some of them will level up the first few levels by itself just by fighting, so at the very start focus on the basic stats instead, but don't forget them later.

Save very often, and on 2 separate save files. If possible, make a back-up copy once in a while on another memory card. Not required, I ended up never using my back-up, but I heard about a rare bug that can delete save files so it's always a good idea.

Other posters will probably have more to tell you about what to do with your stats. Reading the FAQs could also probably help you.

Personnally, I think it would be funnier for you to just read description of each stats (and also skills, spells), and then in combat notice what you lack along the way (like: "Hey, Abrecan is starting to miss a lot, I really have to give him a couple dex pts, and Alaron almost got killed in 3 attacks, I'll give him more stamina!". Sorry for the basic examples, but you know what I mean.

I'm also usually not good and don't like stats management that much in RPGs, but in that one I got addicted to it and loved it a lot after I got used to it.

That's all I can think about, I'm tired and going to bed. I hope I didn't make mistakes in that post. Good luck and have fun! This is a very good game. What made you pick it up?
4 years ago#3
i appreciate the reply, amazing this board isn't just outright dead.

as for why i picked it up? i have no idea, especially considering my first experience with the game. i rented this game as a kid, and i hated it. i recall only having godric and alaron, and missing nearly every attack.

i know this game has a small following, and i figure playing it with an open mind nearly...11(?) years later will help me see the good in this game.
4 years ago#4
The board isn't dead because a small handful of fans just keep coming. We loved the game that much. I'll probably continue taking a look here for still a couple years, or many years to come.

I had a similar experience than yours with the game. Being an RPG fan I rented it when it came out, but I hated it.

Then, I decided to give it another shot years later, after reading a couple positive reviews. I think it was in 2005 or 2006. It's now one of my favourite games of all time. ^^
4 years ago#5
Dex on Alaron, and preferably give him a ranged weapon or some light-penalty equipment, like a buckler and cloth armor until his Dex is at least 20. Alaron also works particularly well with the Healer skill.

Let Abrecan tank and focus on raising Brenna's thief skill; you'll want it at level 7 ASAP so you can open the boxes in Gwernia Castle basement (you'll need the rope for this too). They have a lot of money and the unmatched best hafted weapon in the game, the Mace of Glory. Until Lodin's Sword, this weapon is the best you're going to get next to Warfang.

I would consider getting Alaron some buff magic too, mainly Air Shield and Strength. These will give him something useful to contribute without putting him at much risk.
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4 years ago#6
since there is not much activity on this forum i may casually update my game progress in this thread.

i just got to erromon and established my so called "economy" with godric restore potions. i have around 200,000 gold now, should last me a little while. i have the opportunity to get becan, should i get him now, or is abrecan still the boss man at this stage in the game?

i recall reading throwing irons are good, so i got some for godric and brenna. foxhound recommended a ranged weapon for alaron, would you mean a bow or throwing weapon?

anywho after i am done shopping in erromon i think i may backtrack a bit and collect some of the items i missed in the FAQ, the namers ring in particular.
4 years ago#7
I do prefer a bow as the later ones are really good, but throwing irons are definitely good as well because of shield benefits.

Use that 200k gold to buy the best stuff available in Erromon: Dragon Leathers, Plate Gauntlets, Adamantite Boots, Mirari Cloaks, Belts of Life (Mercenary belt if anyone is Lunar), and stock up on Curing potions if you don't make them. Give one of your characters (whoever has the highest stealth rating) Woodsman Boots and a Phantom Cloak, so you can sneak past anything necessary.

Now would be a good time to buy some new magic for Alaron too, perhaps an attack spell like Wind or Lightning, and some more buff magic. Since you didn't take Rheda, Endurance would be a good spell for him to learn. Light would also be a useful spell if you can find it, since the majority of part members (including your current team) are Solar.
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4 years ago#8
don't forget to pick up the fireball spell while you're in Erromon...
(shop in the caves under the city)

just remember... you can hit yourself with it...
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4 years ago#9
that 200,000 gold did not last me as long as i expected, it was barely enough to get what i needed out of erromon.

anyway i went back, got the rope from the abandoned town, decided to stick with abrecan for the time being, equipped alaron with a great bow and some magic (air shield 3, wind)...and that stuff took longer than expected.

so i guess im off to the mountains now, hopefully its a decent place to exp grind a bit.

also is it me or does the time in the game seem to go by fast? it says i have 8 hours spent on my current file, and i really don't feel like i put 8 hours into this game. 4-5 maby, but 8? naw.
4 years ago#10
I think it's that you got caught up in the game, it's easy to spend a long time in it without realising. ^^

Also, yeah the mountain is a good place to grind.. that's where I first grinded seriously.
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