Dart of Distance vs. Dragon Fang

#1AcidOrgyPosted 12/23/2012 2:48:54 PM
Hello fellow Aidyn players! I've been playing this game for 11 years now..not consistently but you get what I mean.. now back to the topic. Many players are under some assumption that the Dragon Fang throwing weapon has the highest range/accuracy of all the throwing weapons and is the final stop. Now I've done some tests between this, the Cyclops Hurlstar and Dart of Distance (sidebar: lmao have you guys seen this thing? It's a huge blue-tipped arrow looking thing that has a horrible flight animation). What I came to find was with Abreacan at lvl 8 warrior, lvl 10 thrown, and lvl 30 intelligence, he never misses with the Dart and he truly has the same range as Alaron's Heartseeker bow. Dragon Fang has near-max range but not quite max (some maps, from one corner to the reinforcement spawns, the guy with DF has to move in closer). Now why should this 2 dmg dart replace Dragon Fangs 4 dmg range you might say? When I tested several battles against the hill Trolls yesterday, I had Abreacan with the Dart, Brenna with DF and Alaron with Cyclops Hurlstar, Abreacan's average dmg with the dart was that of the same as Brenna's or higher...Alaron did reach some higher points, even when i put them all at the same ground level. Besdies maxing the average stats, the only differences between the players was how high of a Warrior skill the might of had but I did not consider crits when averaging the damages. The Dart of Distance consistently his in the -24- range of damage and Brennas Dragon Fang the -22- range. Im going back to the night merchant in Terminor to buy two more of these Darts and I'll report back any new information I can find.