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3 years ago#1
Hey guys,

What's the best starting party when you leave the first castle? Ranked in terms of Plot and Usefulness.

I picked Godric over Rheda, but I have a feeling Rheda may be more relevant to the plot. Am I missing out on something important by not having her?

Also, I read in one of the FAQs that Brenna joins when you leave even if you didn't pick's that work? One of the other characters leaves?

Finally, what's up with the fact that the king tells you that you can only take two companions, but you can only talk to him once you have three?
3 years ago#2
Abrecan, Godric, Brenna. You'll only pick two characters in the castle, then when you leave out the front door, Brenna will come with you and fill the fourth spot.

Rheda has a few interesting scenes later that will change some minor things, but Godric is utterly hilarious and therefore he's the superior choice. Plus he's an offensive mage, instead of a defensive one.
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3 years ago#3
Rheda isn't a defensive mage, she's a support mage. Her magic is designed to boost the team (Endurance) while at the same time weaken, expose (Sense Weakness), and/or cripple enemy ranks (Weakness). If anything, Alaron is more of a defensive mage from the offset because he gets IMMEDIATE access to Air Shield and Healer.

I prefer Rheda not only for her magic (yes, I am very fond of Naming magic), but for her potential diversity as a party member. With the exception of Missile and Thrown (meaning her only form of ranged combat is through her magic), Rheda can learn every other skill, which means you can give her Warrior, Sword, Shield, and Thief, and she can be made into an EXCELLENT front-line fighter early on and remain that way throughout the whole game, with some nice magic to support the team.

Godric cannot learn Shield, which means even if he uses throwing weapons, he's going to have a problem if he gets too close to enemies because they'll shred right through his defenses without a shield, but staying too far from enemies is counter-productive to Godrics magic since it's almost all of the offensive nature and requires him to be within a certain range to take advantage of it, enough that most enemies with a high Dex rating can close the distance in one turn (or two if they get a second turn immediately after), and then it's good night Godric.

Don't get me wrong, either choice is fine, and Godric isn't a bad character. He has Alchemy which means you get very early access to good potions (and a good source of money right from the offset), his magic can be VERY powerful later, and his weaknesses can be somewhat offset by careful team positioning and management. But Rheda is just as good in her own way, with the added benefit of not being half as squishy as Godric and the tradeoff of not having Alchemy right away (but since you can train that on Alaron in Gwernia anyway, is that really such a hugh loss?) and having Naming magic instead of Elemental (and way more spells at the start than Godric to boot).

Rheda all the way for me.
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3 years ago#4
That's just it, if they get that close, they're going to get seriously burned. Especially since the first thing to do is pickup some Throwing Irons in Erromon, and give those to him. They have 90% of the field range, so he can continually retreate and attack. The lack of shields is a benefit, because he's not weighed down with a heavy piece of armor, so he can stay out of reach. Plus I believe that Dragon Flames doesn't do friendly fire, so he's got a potent killing spell.
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3 years ago#5
*shrug* We just happen to disagree. You like Godric, I like Rheda, and we both have our reasons. Neither choice is wrong, both characters are quite good and equally powerful in their own rights.

Honestly, if there's any logical choice, it would be to leave Abrecan to the winds, taking Brenna/Rheda/Godric, but doing the early game without him might be tough, since he's deliberately made that powerful in the beginning to keep your weaker characters from getting overwhelmed.

I've never actually tried leaving without Abrecan. Is it possible to pick up BOTH Rheda and Godric and leave Abrecan?
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3 years ago#6
Yes, you can leave Abrecan behind and take both Rheda and Godric. It is my preferred starting group, but it's not a newbie friendly starting group. Abrecan is your newbie crutch, he's great early on, but lacks potential.
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3 years ago#7
I did it once, but not without wandering around until Alaron was level 5, and he'd used some XP to become stronger. And I still ended up giving Rheda the ol' naked fistfight Heave HO. (Send her into a fight without armor or weapons so she dies and opens a slot.)
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3 years ago#8
Alaron is just so weak until at least level 6 or 7. Dexterity was the very first stat I invested in for him, and once it was around 22 he actually started becoming useful with some movement range and turns.
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3 years ago#9
In the Godric vs Rheda debate, I would side with Rheda too. (I'd even debate she's one of the best characters who can join your party thanks to her skill diversity.) She makes a great front-line fighter and her supportive magic is pretty awesome. I think she's easier to train up than Godric, and she can learn Alchemy in Gwernia if it's really important to the player. I've always been a big Rheda fan.

Not to mention while Godric has some of the funniest scenes in the game, Rheda gets more cutscenes that show off the world and magic lore, and she's kind of an overall cool character.
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