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other thread: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/196565-aidyn-chronicles-the-first-mage/68988416
This board moves slow so things get deleted.

The Gothic series, but not nearly as good in some respects, imo.
I've recently started playing Dark Souls 2 and it has a realistic real-world screw up and you die type game play thing going on and is a rather bleak and grim, which Aidyn bordered on, oh and speaking of Aidyn; if they ever have a sequel and or *fingers-crossed* a remake I'm sure it would fully be imagined and broadcast to us in such a way as it was originally intended to. As in really awesome.

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board moves slow cause I'm not allowed to run the "takes" anymore...I did at one time have an ongoing topic that was both on-topic and off-topic, intended to keep the board alive as well as give people a place to directly ask me about the game... I think we reached "take 15" before a moderator decided it was against the rules.

I have my doubts that we'll ever see a remake or second Aidyn, even if the title "chronicles" suggests more than one title... the game was never really completely finished in the first place...and I'm not even sure who would own the rights to it.. are THQ and H2O still around?

H2O entertainment, basically died while Aidyn was in development, I don't think they ever resurfaced...
(their original website is no longer online)

THQ declared "chapter 11 bankruptcy" in December 2012, with all of it's assets being "liquidated"

it's entirely possible that Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage is now lost in the "public domain"...
or a fan might have bought all the rights to it and be secretly working on a second game

personally I'll hope the second is true...
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#3TerrisUSPosted 6/17/2014 12:46:01 PM
Yeah, I really miss the Lonesoldier "Take" topics we used to have here, where there was an active community on this board - discussing this game and all sorts of other things. I feel bad because we've all kind of drifted apart and lost touch since then - although I know there has still be activity here when topics pop up, but it's still not the same. And, man, my life has pretty much fallen apart since when we were all actively posting here.

As for the game itself, yeah, I can't imagine that we'll ever see the Aidyn Chronicles franchise again. Unfortunately, unlike Shadowgate, which is seeing a revival due to the passion and love of original members of the team bringing it back, I doubt anything like that exists for Aidyn Chronicles. And, I also doubt that we'll ever see a game like this again. It's such a shame that, with technology having advanced so much since this game, that there still really hasn't been anything else quite like this game.

At least we still have the memories of all our discussions here, and still have Aidyn Chronicles to enjoy as well. I played through it again a couple of years ago, and it's still just as fun as always.
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Yeah, I miss them too. I believe it's possible to petition to have a board declared basically dead, or social or something of the sort. Can't recall how.
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#5Zeldafan59Posted 6/18/2014 10:52:45 AM
This is my favorite rpg of all time. I never minded the jagged graphics or even the 2 or 3 times I got the infamous glitch programming screen. The gameplay more than made up for it. Great way to handle party members, a good story, great battle music, and the way you could level up your party to suit your own tastes...fantastic. I sunk hundreds of hours into multiple files back in the day.

It was my first console rpg. My kids were into pokemon stadium, but I wanted something deeper and we did not have a Playstation at the time. I remember after we upgraded the kids to a Gamecube, I ran out and got Evolutions Worlds, Lost Kingdoms and Skies of Arcadia. And in my opinion, they all pale to the goodness and satisfaction that is Aidyn Chronicles. I printed glacialbear and Lone soldier's FAQ's and got the Prima Guide too. Have since tried FFIII and IV on the DS and don't like those meters they use. Dragon Quest IX is the closest I've had to the experience of the Aidyn level system, but the atmosphere is completely different. That was one thing I loved about the game. I really felt I was living in this mysterious fantasy land.

Nice to see others like this game so much too. :)

PS. Of course I wish they would bring it back updated or a sequel, but that seems unlikely. :(
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@ Terrisus, sorry to hear your life fell apart after the mods killed my "takes"
we used to work out our real-life frustrations in them...
I've had a few ups and downs myself since then, tho I think I'm on an "up" atm...

@ triaxx2 I've asked in the past... CjayC looked the other way on the "takes" because it was kept to one thread...but he's not in charge anymore and I really don't think the current owners/managers actually care what we want/need.

and even if we could get the "takes" restarted...would everyone come back? I think perhaps it's been too long...I kinda miss Reiniichan's randomness tho...I still talk to aidynmaster every now and then although he's stopped using that alias...Evilmage hasn't touched GameFAQs since the takes died, he's been too busy with real-life...pretty sure its the same for Xiahou Dun as well...

and nobody's really seen myztikgohan since the great "name-calling" section of the takes... is it strange that I miss that jerk?
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#7triaxx2Posted 6/22/2014 9:29:17 AM
No, I miss him too. Though, to be completely fair, I was a bit of a jerk as well. Definitely the reason Evilmage left.
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#8TerrisUSPosted 6/22/2014 10:41:29 AM
Yeah, I mean, it's not like my life has fallen apart because of the takes not being here anymore (that would be rather dramatic), but it's just been a pretty lousy time since then. And, it certainly would have been nice to have that thread here to talk about some stuff in.

And, yeah, while we probably wouldn't be able to get everyone back together, we still have at least a few of us around, so that's something. And, having an active thread on the boards for a while would at least draw new people in. It would be nice if we could do that again, without having to worry about it being closed down again for us also talking about some other stuff on a board for a game that's over a dozen years old (and that we still talk about as well).
#9LoneSoldierPosted 6/27/2014 4:55:37 AM
well I didn't mean for it to sound like the "fall" of the takes is what made your life take a bad turn, just meant sorry you didn't have the place to talk when the bad stuff happened.

and triaxx... I don't think you really had much to do with Evilmage leaving...
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#10TerrisUSPosted 6/27/2014 7:40:41 AM
No worries, I understood what you meant.
And, indeed, it would have been nice to have had this place to talk about things while still was happening...