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Memory Card Bug - Thinking of using Emulator. (Archived)StoleYourTv54/9/2014
If I won the lottery.... (Archived)LEGEND_72543/29/2014
Would I like this game? (Archived)LoneCourier228193/22/2014
Dryad Fighting (Archived)DrDew31/26/2014
found a cool site for Aidyn maps... (Archived)nzdawghaus311/17/2013
Sword of Might or Warfang? (Archived)ryuhipowers2311/2/2013
playing through again (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Stupidity spell (Archived)frenchfryman48/19/2013
Is this even worth playing now? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bob Sakamano168/6/2013
Just finished the game. My comments, questions and stats. *spoliers* (Archived)LevinMage27/9/2013
Replaying this game again after years and a couple of questions. (Archived)Zeldafan5927/1/2013
Good to see this forum have some activity (Archived)Aragni_Darkness36/29/2013
Dryad Forest (Dryad Shield) (Archived)LevinMage36/27/2013
you guys still here? (Archived)
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What determines a Thrower's damage output? (Archived)devidedistand36/11/2013
Party Ideas for AC (Archived)
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Best Starting Party (Archived)8_bit_Warrior95/31/2013
Because this game can be so tough, loot & equipment is so satisfying (Archived)AstronomerJake65/14/2013
The necromancer who raids Orianas hut early in the game. (Archived)Foxhound385725/12/2013
Just finished the game (Archived)
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