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Can you save this game to the memory card or only to the internal storage? (Archived)legaiaflame243/7 4:33PM
Old But Not Forgotten! (Archived)VodkaDrunkenski59/19 6:14AM
Does this play like Lunar: The Silver Star? (Archived)PLUTO4423/1/2014
How can I play this again? (Archived)
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How long does it take to complete this game? (Archived)halfdogjury24/28/2012
There's no reason this game should be on DS (Archived)
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I like this song (Archived)joemomma39/9/2011
Favorite character? (Archived)soonerpike69717/24/2011
I just finished this game (Archived)
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Was there more than one disc art variant for this game? (Archived)
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The Bad Guy343/18/2011
Encounter rates in the JP version... (Archived)Tigerfog412/22/2010
Is there anything in this game I can miss that I'll regret? (Archived)noidentity712/1/2010
So I played this game via SSF (Archived)Zero_Reborn49/14/2010
One of the best Rpg (Archived)killian202018/22/2010
Kia's canes. (Archived)
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Leos lol. (Archived)Dias_Flac_Og46/20/2010
This board's not very active, but... (Archived)
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Games with similar music? (Archived)Keldean36/12/2010
Music (Archived)Dmess8526/3/2010
The loading times...they're not even that bad. (Archived)Shamrock9944/25/2010
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