So who has played this one??

#1Marder-IPosted 7/27/2008 11:39:41 AM

And did you get to the Russian Campaign yet? Ha Ha, let me know how you did there, it is the hardest one, until you know the "secret"....!!


Marder I


#2Suikoden420Posted 7/30/2008 12:06:36 PM
I'm trying to "Buy" this game but can't find it anywhere
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#3Marder-I(Topic Creator)Posted 8/8/2008 10:17:02 AM

I know what you mean, I finally found one (at the spur of the moment) at a not so well known game/hobby store where I live. And I figured what the ......., I'll get it and play it.

Cheers, maybe E-Bay???

Remember like I said the PC version is quite different than the PS I version, much harder, it has no "minor" victories!!!