Just bought this game.

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9 years ago#1
Awesome. Pure awesome.

Though, I held up my "WTF!?" flag quite a bit.
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9 years ago#2
That'll be 50,000 dinars please.

9 years ago#3
I also take Space Fruit.

9 years ago#4
Or points. Points work too. The conversion rates from fruit to points is the same as the ratio of unicorns to lepechauns.

9 years ago#5
There should have been more potatoes in this game.

9 years ago#6
Yes, if there was one things this game was missing it was definitely more potatoes.
"Haha, are you at top speed, or just very small!"
9 years ago#7
Heh. If this were Soviet Russia, everything made out of potatoes.

9 years ago#8
In Russia, you are potatoes.
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9 years ago#9
haha yeah that WTF flag comes up quite a bit in this game.. hahaha
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9 years ago#10
maybe a bit too much....
great bloody game though.

Just got it. Can't wait to master it
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