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I love this game but I haven't 100% completed it yet
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What keeps you guys coming here/how'd you get here?
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Let's revive this board! This is such a magical game (Archived)
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Method of getting the SNS items without using cheats... Does anyone remember it? (Archived)DarkMassacre64/24 7:19PM
Is there anywhere to download the sprites? (Archived)JimJam70742/14 6:35PM
i actually quit playing the game at the end (Archived)Reyes7J42/1 6:19AM
Was this better than Tooie? (Archived)TonyYotes41/17 12:22AM
Do the jigsaw pieces reset to or just the music notes? (Archived)sunnymuffins21/12 8:23AM
Question about the Ice Key (NOT how to get it...) (Archived)rhoadsofrock411/23 1:31PM
How short is this game? (Archived)Unboll911/11 10:11AM
what happens if you 100% jiggies and notes? (Archived)Reyes7J511/6 5:14AM
Save & Quit = Game Over?!?!?!? (Archived)Unboll810/30 7:07PM
Can you lower the water level in Gruntilda's Lair? (Archived)Unboll410/30 6:54PM
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Banjo-Kazooie 3D for 3DS (Archived)SnayAirasolish59/28 5:06PM
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