Hahaha my goodness that was scary!

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4 years ago#1
My parents just bought me Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie today and I thought the game was SUPER AWESOME...until Clankers Cavern, Clankers himself wasn't scary at all to me but when you have to push the key several times the music scared me and I saw a fish. Now I know that the fish gives you bubbles but at the time I thought that he would be like the invisible shark in the second level (I forget the name) because of the music. By the way I'm pretty bad at the game so I kept dying because of drowning down there. :)
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4 years ago#2
Hey, I was afraid of Clanker himself on my first go.
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4 years ago#3
When I first saw Clanker I thought he was blocking the pipe I was swimming down and I took ages working out what to do because I promptly swam back (probably drowning Banjo in the process).
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4 years ago#4
Did you try swimming into the bubbles like the fish says?
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  3. Hahaha my goodness that was scary!

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