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Banjo Kazooie Shirt! (Archived)HappehLemons38/11/2013
100% record 2:06:46 game time (Archived)Uilnslcoap28/6/2013
Some Dream music (Cancelled N64 game that transformed into BK) (Archived)Fillergames47/5/2013
Some more speedrun times. (Archived)Sunhawk26/18/2013
Sharkfood Island - Risen without cheat? (Archived)joeytrunzi36/15/2013
Yo, I put some jinjo in your jinjo so you can jinjo. (Archived)bwburke9465/26/2013
I'm probably one of the few left who still thinks this game is superior to SM64 (Archived)Thenumber1yoshi95/25/2013
Grant Kirkhope Soundtracks and Arrangements (Archived)jagddorsa15/5/2013
New cheating speedrun (Archived)irrewonderful34/27/2013
so wait isnt rareware a british company??? (Archived)
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What is your best speedrun of this game, 100%? (Archived)Sunhawk104/14/2013
Banjo Kazooie's composer: Grant Kirkhope special guest on Guest Grumps (Archived)Mister_Fresh44/13/2013
810 door skip discovered! (Archived)guwa24/2/2013
Ummm guys. I found Grunty's youtube page. (Archived)Fillergames23/22/2013
Attempted cheating speedrun (Archived)irrewonderful32/18/2013
Best order for Freezeazy and Gobi Valley in a speed run? (Archived)Razum42/17/2013
ex-Rare employees are making a new 3D platformer (Archived)Pinkenburg12/16/2013
Text colour (Archived)Madzombie52/7/2013
Im i the only one that thought Rusty Bucket Bay was easy? (Archived)Fillergames92/5/2013
Need help trying to find this game. (Archived)Fillergames71/29/2013
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