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8 years ago#1
i always liked this game
the complexity and the detective work is actually a work of art
too bad some people don't have the patience to play this game
its true the game is a bit annoying cuz of the odd movement
but i never had anything like this game
i also found something you'd like

a walkthrough

even without it i went up to the ice skating guys
thats where i found it tough
i was stuck

you can find the walkthrough @ http://www.911cheats.com/games/sect/div/cont/list_game/spray/y/gid/0000002900/_cheats/_walkthroughs/_codes/_pc/_n64/_psx/_gameboy/_playstation/
Thunder cats HO!
Lioric Lionheart
8 years ago#2
well thanks for the walkthrew i was going to make one up my self i did beat this game with out one thow i dont have my file for it
i am the game you people are still just the players
WINNER OF 1 V-TOKENa.nd Gold Trophy
8 years ago#3
well i know i could do it but this is someone elses walkthrough
but i was wondering if you could modify it and post this on this site

this IS a game that should have a walkthrough

you could add your own stuff and make some adjustments to reduce the complexity of the walkthrough

i'd really apriciate it
Thunder cats HO!
Lioric Lionheart
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