This game is extremely uninformative and I have a question unrelated to others

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Seeing how I went and replayed the story line to get past the last bug with short work might I add after the grief of retrying the bugged stage royal crown, i cleared all but the garden at 22:22 and hints became few and far between i picked up like 10 hint icons and none showed up in the the computer exception of last play through and this is where things get confusing I looked at 2 of the player made walkthroughs the only ones i could find on yahoo search atleast from what i understand its RC,WOR,GAW,Museum, and Garden aparently only museum and garden are not random... Getting to the point though what has stumped me with my only clue on last playthrough is the Wayne Diamond last play through it killed me not finding it and this one it only did when i pushed the clock to almost 24:50 which is where i recklessly used my time to last time the only hints i found for it were it was a Donation to charity and that some artists were displaying their diamonds in the museum. I will admit that i did quickly leave RC after defeating frosty for the diamond there as well as some others without actualy opening all the doors so i plan to check those tommorow but my thoughts are its either the garden and its glitched/hard entrance to find or i need to enter the museum at a particular time even tho everytime i enter it says congrats for defending the diamond now find clues to next crime. Sorry for the paragraph or 2 but its been on my mind all day now. I'm not expecting much of a response but if anyones out there who knows i greatly apreciate it and if i solve it maybe someone else will read your answer and avoid the same issue. What i can say for sure is if you enter the Royal crown and there arent any destroyable doors other than 2 in a lineup its bugged and you need to find a save file or start all over that is before the game created that instance. Took me less time to fight back there than actualy exploring every cranny. But on the subject of another post i very much agree with the one who suggested modifying the decent walkthrough posted on another website strangely. The flaws to his post is he missed details like what diamond was at risk at each destination or the garden for example how to enter it besides fighting 2 unknown guards at the door leaving a person like me wondering do i need to circle around 100 times waiting for 2 deviants or is there a scene maybe smash all the doors down or jumpjet to a roof I do not know but i have a feeling ill have tried everything i posted and still be wondering what i could have possibly missed. Should i figure the problem out its likely for another unfortunate player of this very uninformative game like me i will post it cant do any walkthroughs since i have no idea how to start one but the one thing that helped me out so far is the known destinations of each mission as well as the mention of specifics for the mission of walkthrough otherwise I'd still be playing the bugged Crown of Jewels save file hitting switches untill by some miracle they actualy turned on (sarcasm there) Congrats are in order for anyone who had the patience and skill to beat this game especialy with the bugs I've found commonly Metaphoricaly i look at this game as termite infested house that they long left to eat other things and some unfortunate guy made it past step 2 it looks fun well made and then the bugs get ya. I don't think ill stop trying though probly take little half an hr runs at it if i dont see any results in a day or 2 of trying.
Again greatly apreciate the response if someone will try to and someone willing to partialy read this heh. I'd say the irony is the lack of guides is what got me into this game.
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Well i found the answer the wayne diamond is the garden one and to get inside you need to go near the building with a bright advertisement hardly readable and near it there is a garage door you will want to push Use on that will get you inside after that just trigger the alarm by moving time forward and your good to go also I captured freeze unlike the guide said i just went to the computer in the tooth cave spot and used exited and fought him at his spot. Also i found the game bugs up if you leave crime after entering it in action so if you move time forward and need to heal I'd suggest not running outside cause the doors and boss fights get all buggy same goes for zones where its next to impossible to get to a ledge you jumped off for example the police hq mission just use jetjump boots to get back to where you were. I hope my messages help someone with their problems with this game it is beatable just loaded with bugs so make as many saves as humanly possible spaced apart by missions achieved. If your using a guide and something doesnt sit right like the fact you cant climb anymore and a boss said to be there is not just load a save before you entered and try again it isnt so bad once you know what to do in the zone and what to expect. Good Luck to anyone trying this game.
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i all ready beaten this game it isnt even that hard
i am the game you people are still just the players
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