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5 years ago#11
Let us rise to the challenge once more.,

Sounds good to me. What's another 3-4 years.
5 years ago#12

From: ryeu | #011
Sounds good to me. What's another 3-4 years.

Pfft, nothin', that's what.
5 years ago#13
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5 years ago#14
Power up.
5 years ago#15
I got Global Assault for the PS1 at a fleemarket. It looks like PS1 version has more tanxs then the N64 version.
5 years ago#16
Yes, it adds two or three I believe, but the game is a lot clunkier in my opinion.
5 years ago#17
I played this game with my family, it was a great way to get everyone together and have some fun destroying one another. "Nuke deployed" is still a common phrase among us. As such, I want to support it, and not let the game fade away. This game must live on!
5 years ago#18
Aw man, I can't believe we let that other topic die!

A game as great as this deserves better. Four more years it is.
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5 years ago#19
I guess I'll ask a few Battletanx questions to pass the time.

Question: What's the most useless tanx in the game? I vote for the Inferno tanx. It's good for nothing, except maybe clearing mines. What about you guys?
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5 years ago#20
I would say either Inferno or the Rattler
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