can't be......

#481Brave_PiratePosted 6/2/2014 9:30:08 AM
When I'm in a Rhino, I have a hard time getting the front to face the fire, but the CPU just makes it look so easy! :P
#482blud_bilgePosted 6/3/2014 8:44:55 AM
Yeah they seem to have uncanny mastery of perfect positioning when it comes to the front shield, its crazy :P
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#483Brave_PiratePosted 6/3/2014 10:19:46 PM
Yeah, it takes a FLIP-E Tank to get around it and even while continuously flipping to the side, it's not that easy to hit the side of a Rhino because both tanks keep moving in response to each other.
#484blud_bilgePosted 6/7/2014 11:31:18 AM
exactly, makes for a painful duel :P (sorry for the lack of posts, was occupied last few days)
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#485Brave_PiratePosted 6/7/2014 9:45:31 PM
Nah, it's all good. I've been really busy lately too, so I've recently had less time to play games. Even when I do have time, I'm still juggling new and old games, so that's less time spent with each game, unfortunately. I'm still determined to post until this topic is complete, though! Let's be more diligent for the final stretch!
#486blud_bilgePosted 6/8/2014 6:57:50 PM
Yessir! we're very close now! :D I truly enjoyed this, supporting a game I loved so dearly
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#487Brave_PiratePosted 6/8/2014 9:19:12 PM
Yeah, we're so close I can already hear the victory theme, lol!
#488blud_bilgePosted 6/12/2014 7:45:01 AM
agreed, now that things finally settled down! let us press on!
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#489Brave_PiratePosted 6/14/2014 12:19:02 AM
Yeah, let's activate that Turbo and speed to the end of this thing, lol.
#490Brave_PiratePosted 6/14/2014 10:42:21 PM
Oh, how about an interesting new discussion? Have you ever been to any of the locations featured in either of the BattleTanx games? I find it somewhat amusing to compare the game version of a place to its real-life counterpart!