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3 years ago#1
I apologize if this is already posted, but I looked everywhere never got a reply from one of the designers of Global Assault and Trip Hawkens (believe its his name) but got no reply but after accumulating articles from many websites I have found Hawkens doen't own the rights no more but he did say the rights were distributed to other companies but never said who owns what. Now back to my point I know many fans out there of the BATTLE TANX franchise and I originally wanted to make the 3rd Battle Tanx of the game trilogy but I am but a small fish in a ginormous water sea and however I can brainstorm really clever game ideas but so far it seems no one know who owns the rights, I went to a website they call their server game BATTLE TANKS this appears to be free online game site but its a start.

Or if anyone has began the design/project for the 3rd title please share with me; I have wonderful new tank ideas and who knows this could revive the game and perhaps WDL Tanks, that game was ok but very little opportunities and tank selection but had some wonderful game play; I am sorry if is either jumbled up or unstructured but just wanted to reach as many fans and get as much answers as I could I miss BATTLE TANX and i believe it has so much potential please share!
3 years ago#2
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention reason I made a new post was because I couldn't figure out how to reply to the current thread post.

The one thing annoyed me about battle tanx is the non dialogue all they had is a low cinematic but some motion effects but the dialogue mostly character art/caption through out the game, but have the first two retouched/remodeled would raise the bar significally, I would be a different story if only one or two people loved the game.

As stated before I'm one man army I haven't gotten to the game programming stage however I am hoping to learn more soon as I can. Designing video game is a dream come true, but enough of that.

Would be really awesome to hear other peoples ideas about the next title, I always thought i would be cool to get out of your tank; yes I understand that its battle tanx but variety is always in video games plus that doesn't mean its an official way there are always a way; as long as there is a will, there is always a way. But that was just a rough idea but even if your post is negative I still want to hear it.

Last thing would be, other game play choices that would make this game stand out from the previous titles, such as what you see in like Halo 2,3,reach, and 4 they all have a player identification cation system (identifying you as a gamer/player), so what do you all have to throw at the mix?
3 years ago#3
I'm quite uncertain who owns the rights currently, I'd like to say its global star or some other company along those lines, because they had the rights for army men
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