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Re: Party groupingsatmasabr35/19 6:58PM
Low Level Challenge?ReunionMerc525/17 11:42AM
This game is legit!Meis_Triumph65/17 11:34AM
Calm down Edward, Annie is stronger than you! (Archived)Matty420Gee14/4 1:20PM
This game has a Dragon Quest feel (Archived)RedLotusX12/3 3:47PM
Party Groupings (Archived)DannyAIC21/14 1:53PM
Worst game I ever played. (Archived)STEROLIZER21/6 11:46AM
who is the most attractive character in this game? (Archived)crazyisgood19/27 9:55PM
What is Tont's bearing on the plot? (Archived)Coketastic211/6/2013
Does this game work on backwards-compatible PS3s? (Archived)cosmictruffle310/19/2013
Gonna start streaming this.. any tips? (Archived)lechaflan19/22/2013
no explanation for items and magic in this game??? (Archived)jjgg12348/28/2013
Keeping Percy with "Walk Through Walls" gameshark code and its effects. SPOILERS (Archived)Rickystilwell28/28/2013
how long does it take you to beat this game if you have beaten this game?? (Archived)jjgg12338/27/2013
Do you think Finn will be able to find Kevins in the underworld???? (Archived)jjgg12338/27/2013
what's the MAX level before class change and after class change??? (Archived)jjgg12328/21/2013
honestly, even though I beat this game, I still don't know how to do APS (Archived)jjgg12318/12/2013
ladies and gentleman, an important anouncement for all of you (Archived)jjgg12318/12/2013
i will try this game (Archived)jjgg12317/30/2013
Not a terrible game at all. (Archived)carlde2184/16/2013
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