What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?

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Wow I don't think I've ever seen a thread this old that's still alive.
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There are people younger than this topic. Not just babies, but like... people. Maybe not with careers and mortgages, but still people. With aspirations and opinions and stuff going on in their lives. I wonder how many of them have played this game. I wonder if any of them have actually completed it.
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This thread is legendary. I last posted probably three years ago when I bought Blast Corps and was amazed at how there was a semi-active thread for it then.
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This thread is almost exactly a year away from being 10 years old...!!!
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I love you guys
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They should put the awesomeness that is this game on the e-shop for the Wii.

Don't laugh, I'd buy a Wii U if Nintendo had it available there...
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This has to be one of the oldest topics I've seen where a good percentage of the posts are actually talking about the game

Good job guys
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That's because it's time to get moving.
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It sure is
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