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User Info: Encephlon

6 years ago#1
They should make remake this one or sequel

User Info: Cucumberflant

5 years ago#2
Came into this topic thinking that they had announced a remake.

Why would you do this to me D:

User Info: 8-BitPenguin

5 years ago#3

Same as Cucumberflant. =[

User Info: chris311247

5 years ago#4
A 3ds version of blast corps would be freaking awesome! That, and pokemon pinball 3ds would be sweet.
"from chaos comes clarity"- 311

User Info: Historic Trunks

Historic Trunks
5 years ago#5
I know it's extreme, but I'd buy the 3DS for it. Now that's saying something.

User Info: uwnim

5 years ago#6
I would buy that. Loved that game even though I totally sucked at using Backlash.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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