What does Kain keep going on about?

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8 years ago#1
You know, whenever you swing his sword enough times, Kain either laughs quietly or shouts out what sounds like, "Fey victor!" Is that really what he's saying? Is that some sort of victory cry from somewhere in history? It... sort of makes sense, although mirriam-webster gives 'fey' about six totally contradictory definitions:

1 a: chiefly Scottish : fated to die, doomed b: marked by a foreboding of death or calamity
2 a: able to see into the future, visionary b: marked by an otherworldly air or attitude c: crazy, touched
3 a: excessively refined, precious b: quaintly unconventional, campy

Yeesh, it seems like he could mean any of those definitions except probably 2b or 3a

(By the way, they really should have either had a lot more than two things for him to say when he slashes repeatedly, or just made him say them at a much, much less frequent, randomized interval, rather than every single time Kain strings together four swings)


Completely unrelated question. I've never played this game before (meant to for years and years though), and I notice my gameplay is being measured in days. Is my game time going to affect any events, or the ending? Is it something I should be worried about? Oh, and are there multiple endings to this game? Please answer without spoilers. Thanks!
8 years ago#2
He says "Vae Victus"....it's Latin for "Suffering to the conquered".
8 years ago#3
Ah, that's pretty sweet, actually. Or at least it would be if he didn't shout it every eight seconds. Anyhow, thanks for clearing that up.

How about the days/events and endings question? Does the number of in-game days affect anything? And are there multiple endings to this game? Thanks.
8 years ago#4
How about the days/events and endings question?
Some places are only open on nights with a specific lunar phase. Can't think of any things that are only open during the day maybe a town(I could of sworn in towns, there are more people on the streets in the daylight).

Does the number of in-game days affect anything?

And are there multiple endings to this game?
Yes, two of them.
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8 years ago#5
Oh, you are stronger at night than in the day, and full moons boost your wolf form.
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8 years ago#6
Yeah, more people are definitely around (both on the streets and indoors) during the day in towns. And I'd figured out the full-moon gates. But I had no idea about wolf form being stronger during a full moon (makes sense, though), and was still trying to figure out how Kain differed in sunlight vs dark (his monologue makes it clear that sunlight's bad for him, but isn't very specific)..

Thanks for all that, and especially for the info both about days and multiple endings.

One last simple question before I feel like I've got my head around the important mechanics: does Kain constantly lose life/blood, or is it only under certain conditions? I've already rain-proofed the guy, but does his health drain naturally on its own anyway? I can't really tell over the course of regular gameplay.
8 years ago#7
IIRC, his blood depletes during daytime only.

Clarification about Vae Victus, straight from the developers FAQ:

Why does Kain cry "Vae Victus" sometimes when I'm swinging his sword?

This is a triple-swing combo. He does the most damage when you hear this battle cry.

What does Vae Victus mean?
It means "Suffering to the Conquered".

I heard a rumour that Vae Victus is mis-pronounced?
Sadly, this is true. We appoligize, and promise to check our Latin pronounciation more thoroughly in the future.

you may want to check this out: http://www.siliconknights.com/Kain_Walkthrough/faq/faqtoc.htm
8 years ago#8
Thanks, that helps to know.

That's a pretty great faq there. More developers should build guides for their own games (and, you know, put them online instead of selling them through Brady or something). After all, what better source could there be for guiding a player through the game while still delivering the intended experience as best as possible?
8 years ago#9
I'll go ahead and ask this totally random question here, so that I'm contained in one thread. Do Spirit Forges... run out, or something?

I picked up 99 Hearts of Darkness using Mind Control a while back. Then later,while I was trying to kill time to the next full moon, I decided to go around to all the other forges and use my Hearts of Darkness to kill and resurrect myself over and over until I had ~90 items from each forge.

Now I'm back at the Heart of Darkness forge, trying to replace the dozen or so HoD's I used, but the forge will neither activate for mind controlled people nor for Kain himself. I just run around in front of the altar, and it doesn't ask if I want to make the trade. It still narrates each time I enter the room. What gives? Is this deliberate to prevent abuse (as if getting 99 HoD's weren't abuse in the first place, or hell, even the ridiculous number of them the game provides without using the forge at all)?
8 years ago#10
The game ****ed up last night. Time spent on the forges wound up not mattering, the game totally froze right outside Avernus Cathedral while I was zoomed out with about a dozen enemies on screen, simultaneously casting Blood Shower and taking a hit in Chaos Armor.

I call BS on anyone who says this game doesn't have slowdown or only has slowdown under extreme circumstances (a claim I've seen in a thread or so on this board). Not only does it slowdown quite frequently just playing zoomed out (a friend watched for all of five minutes before I'd even first reached the Pillars and asked "Doesn't all that slowdown bother you?") but apparently if you press it hard enough, it can lock up entirely. Lesson learned.

Hadn't saved since before clearing all the various routes through Avernus (ugh), waiting four in-game days for the Lightning shrine to open, gathering all manner of crap from Spirit Forges to pass time, and exploring a bit in general. Somewhere just under two in-game hours lost, which I'll own, I should have been saving more regularly. So I ****ed up too, I'll own that. ./vent

So it's a good thing I'm enjoying it enough that I immediately played through all that grueling crap again and considerably further. Anyway, my question remains (although it's pretty much academic at this point), do Spirit Forges run out? My HoD forge hasn't worked since I sacrificed a human to it.
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