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Glitched myself out of getting all the secrets? (Archived)Redefiner31/26/2010
how do i get into sealed caves? (Archived)Cauldryn41/23/2010
how the F do i use this. and another question (Archived)Mike__Toreno31/22/2010
I feel so cheap using the FAQs to find the secrets (Archived)ChloroTrip61/15/2010
I believe a remake is in order (Archived)
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Where do I need to go after I and Vorador defeat Malek? (Archived)superjetze31/9/2010
I am now the Highlander (Archived)ffviiifreak51/3/2010
In other languages (Archived)devilmaycare47412/30/2009
Endings? (spoilers) (Archived)ChloroTrip412/19/2009
im gonna get this tonight (Archived)Mike__Toreno212/19/2009
so one of the reviews said this game was hard to contoll... (Archived)runningisgood4u212/17/2009
Haven't played any Legacy of Kain game (Archived)FFTGuy612/16/2009
Does the PSN Version retaint he PS1's iritating slowdown? (Archived)Jiryn1012/14/2009
Anyone can convert the save in here to PS3? (Archived)j_saucedo112/7/2009
So is this game..... (Archived)Rikkus_dad512/6/2009
Any way to keep the camera still? (Archived)CronoDyne311/30/2009
Last week, I imagined that this game should be put on PSN. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz911/19/2009
Question about load times. (Archived)Rather_Spicy710/15/2009
ive got the orginal disk and im thinking bout buying the psn classic version but (Archived)
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I've got a question concerning the forger.... (Archived)Boomon29/25/2009
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