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8 years ago#1
person to probable ever post here so hooray for me though i could only beat this game on max difficulty with bakarau and long. because i refused to play with alice. she pisses me off playing against her and her damn cheesy low kicks. also what happened to greg? why did the insect replace him? oh well my life is a lonely posting one :(
8 years ago#2
You were never the first.
Meinfretr, level 70 34/27/0 warrior (Shadow Council)
8 years ago#3
always putting me down these kids. i blame sexual frustration. but oh well i prefer games to get out my angst or boxing not dramatic attempts to hurt one's self esteem. i hope the next bloody roar will have online matches and then i can get schooled by some 16 yr old while loving every minute of it. but no bloody roar has surpassed the original. and i doubt a nextgen one (if it gets made) will either.
8 years ago#4
Greg might've been axed due to a racialist stereotype fear on the part of Hudson Software, although that's bull**** if you ask me. Bring back Greg!

Lol, I remember picking up BR at Best Buy over ten years ago now. Great knockout presentations, great guitar soundtrack, fancy beast super animations & not bad human-form move sets, either. Yeah, one can spam Alice's low pokes if desired, that's true. Uriko's first transformation as final boss had more potential (a pun, woohoo!) than Eighting/Razing's teams ever gave her for later.
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