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7 years ago#1
I can't believe this board is still dead right after the game's been released on psn... guess it wasn't as popular as I assumed it was.
psn: pod6jerk
xbl: pico83
7 years ago#2
A darn shame too.

Yeah the moment I saw it up I grabbed it. Showin' my support for the series. Bloody Roar 1 holds up surprisingly well after all these years. That never ceases to amaze me.

I've actually been thinking of doing a retrospective video on the series but I recently stumbled across the TVTropes page for Bloody Roar and EGAD! It's like the polar opposite of my opinions on the series (except for 4)!

Bloody Roar 1
Me: One of the best (and fastest) of the series. Holds up surprisingly well.
TVT: Rather bland and button mashy.

Bloody Roar 2
Me: Adds great new characters but the controls and graphics seem worse and some characters lost more moves than they gained. Varied inputs for specials actually becomes a bad thing here due to lack of in-game movelist.
TVT: Best of the series.

Bloody Roar 3
Me: Mix 1 and 2 together and clean it up and you about get BR3.
TVT: Good but mashier than 2.

Primal Fury/Extreme
Me: Even smoother, more cleaned up, more moves, Bloody Roar at it's finest.
TVT: Mashiest of the series.

Bloody Roar 4
Me: Least mashy entry on the series, but too many moves were removed, they tried to hard to veer away from the 2D aspects of the gameplay, and it's overall a mess.
TVT: A mess.

XD I dunno if I should question my taste in fighters as the better I find a Bloody Roar to be, the "mashier" it's claimed to be or not. Actually on second though I'm leaning twords "No". Just because a fighter is "mashier" doesn't mean it's not better than it's less mashy counterparts when played at a higher level. Bah! Whatever. Any thoughts?
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