Cant find the last kid in hide-and-seek..

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7 years ago#1
there is a thread on this already, unfortunately it is blocked so i am unable to reply to it. I cant find the last kid, and ive been searching all over without any luck. Can someone please point me in the right direction or at least tell me where the kid is? When i go back to the orphanage, this is what each kid tells me:

Blonde kid facing the door: "Have you found everyone yet?"
Frog kid standing on table: "Where you able to get there?"
Blonde kid sitting by the side wall by himself: "Jahn told you where to find me, didnt he?"
Brunette chick standing at the dining table: "Did you see Modo?"
Blonde chick that walks around: "Chino's still not here"
Kid playing with toy: "Did you find Rudd?"
Brunette chick: "I ... I wasn't trying to hide from you ..."

Please help me =
7 years ago#2
I can't say for sure if this is the one you missed, but one child is impossible to see no matter what the camera angle is. He or she is in a stairwell, so just run up and down each stairwell and press x and hopefully you'll find the kid. If that isn't the kid you are missing then good luck.
7 years ago#3
i've already found a kid standing on a set of stairs that are right behind a guy that's sitting on the edge of the platform ( he says "I hear that Imperial troops come here too ..." ) This kid is the first that comes to mind cuz i couldnt see him from any angle, i cud only get a glimpse of him when i'm switching angles. Was this the kjd you were referring to? Or is there another one? Thanks so much :3
7 years ago#4
Oh wow im stupid ^_^" i counted the kids in the orphanage and i had all 7... so i talked to the lady and whaddya know the storbyline continues .. thank you so much for your help, and jeez.. so sorry to waste your time ^_^"
7 years ago#5
That thought actually crossed my mind but I forgot to post it- the kids keep saying those stupid lines even after you have found all of them except the troublemaker.
7 years ago#6
Yeah i also lost but i found the way i am playing it on my psp with psx emulator you have to go to the inn talk to every one may be on the first floor and some one will tell you that he is in the area etc where there is mist or like that there is also a guard standing so he will not let you pass so there is also a women roming with a pot of ater on her head so talk to her and walk the whole town and again where the guard is and he is busy in drinking water and he will not notice you lol so pass and find that brat.
thxNeed more help and i will help you.
7 years ago#7
remember that boy is not in town he is in dungeon or some thing like that.
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