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What is the best equipment for the party? (Archived)
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Does the Royal Armor have any hidden bonuses? (Archived)Immature_Sage312/23/2012
extremely weird question about fou-lu and stat+ items and perfection (Archived)RajKhN212/19/2012
is there any list of missables? (Archived)RajKhN212/13/2012
Does it look pixelated on an HDTV? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Secret combo question (Archived)Lynxx_XVI311/29/2012
is guarding the ONLY way to learn magic and skills? (Archived)jujusix310/31/2012
Thinking about picking this up... (Archived)I_Jest810/29/2012
This Shift-ability does not work very well (Archived)Bearprint310/7/2012
skills taught by masters and enemies (Archived)yuna1785310/5/2012
Wow, I totally forgot about this game until now... some questions... (Archived)Version21369/27/2012
Ultra Low-Level Game (Archived)
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End Game (Archived)
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Any tips before I play? (Archived)datdudeMcCoy79/3/2012
Disc Freezes at certain point every time (Archived)jds08b29/1/2012
Best guide for max completion (Archived)Valkyreo48/31/2012
Any other games with similar artstyle? (Archived)ardarn88/30/2012
What the hell is up with these bosses at the end-game?*mild spoilers* (Archived)Blackest_Knight108/22/2012
Swallow Eyes and such (Archived)Camboy_8978/18/2012
Too strong for 10 hit combo against caps (Archived)Bearpowers58/15/2012
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