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8 years ago#1
I played Brigandine:legend of forsena a few years back and i want to play it again in my psp but what i really want to know if i could fight bulnoil in LoF? and is there an english release of GE? i read it somewhere before that in GE(i think) bulnoil is accompanied by 3 allies and i read again in a different site that he is accompanied by the demon general in esgares(forgot the name) so does that mean that it is possible to fight him in LoF?
8 years ago#2
Cannot fight him in LOF..

No english release of GE but you can use an english language patch to enable some english subtitle.
La Brassiere
8 years ago#3
how can i use it? is there a download file available?
8 years ago#4
La Brassiere

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