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6 years ago#1
hey guys

i played this game when i had PS1 that was 8-9 yrs ago lol

now i have PS3 how can i play this game again??

i found a used PS1 CD in amazon for $59

and does this game works in PS3?? what you guys think??

GR15: LS - Spear - Bow
6 years ago#2
IDK, do PS3 play PS1 games? I never bothered to find out, because I'm never getting a PS3, but that should be common knowledge to someone with one...I'd hope...

$60 is a wee bit overpriced for it. Sure it's worth that much and should sell for it, but you can find it cheaper if you know where to look. Check around used places. I bought mine from a used place in town for $19.99 I think, maybe cheaper. And that was maybe 5-7 years ago. But I see copies in there all the time. If you live in the southern IN or northern KY area, I can tell you the name of the store otherwise it don't help you because they don't have stores in other areas.
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6 years ago#3
The game should play in your PS3. They took out the ability to play PS2 games in the new slim models, but there should still be PSX backwards compatibility.
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6 years ago#4
do you guys know the cheapest place to buy this online??

look everywhere all the price is $50+ above

is this rare as hell now? lol
GR15: LS - Spear - Bow
6 years ago#5
If your Playstation 3 had 4 USB ports, then it is backward compatible for most PS2 titles.
However, all PS3's are backward compatible for PSone games, so no worries there.
That why I used my Bush Stimulus package to buy the 80GB 4 port system, so I can play ALL of my favorite Playstation games, no matter which system it came out for. I spent $650 for the system, and 4 games.
6 years ago#6
i heard that you can play this game on PC??

do you guys know how??

i got no CD or anything but i found a site that gives u the download for everything but im not sure if its free from virus lol

GR15: LS - Spear - Bow
6 years ago#7
Itís possible to play Brigandine on a computer by making use of an emulator. However, this is hardly the place to be talking about pirated software. Iím not sure how the game would look like while playing it on the PS3 console, but thereís a good chance that the 2D graphics and sound effects will remain unaffected.
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6 years ago#8
this is what i found in playstation website backward compatibility status

Brigandine Publisher: Atlus Product No: SLUS-00687

Description: The following conditions have been confirmed on PS3 System Software Version 1.54: Upon boot-up, when the Atlas logo FMV plays, the audio stutters. All conditions have been resolved on PS3 System Software Version 1.60

i just ordered brigandine at amazon for $60.. we'll see if it works or not.. lol

GR15: LS - Spear - Bow
6 years ago#9
My main question is even if it doesn't play on a PS3, what's the big deal? You just spent $60 on a game, you could spend $15 on a console to play it on. lol
If life gives you lemons, find someone whose life gives them grapes and have a party.
6 years ago#10
oh those PS1 are scary. hahaha
GR15: LS - Spear - Bow
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