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9 years ago#1
I just got it and it's great. The only thing bad is that the interface is clunky.
I've had six tours of duty in the console wars!
9 years ago#2
I play Carnage Heart Portable or Zeus in preference to this game. The interface is only marginally better in CHP but the graphical difference is quite vast. Anyway, yes, this is a really good game.
9 years ago#3
I...acquired...a copy of CHP as well as ZeusII. Are they playable despite not being in English?

And yeah, this game is pretty ugly, even for an early playstation game. But this game is definitely an example of gameplay over graphics.
I've had six tours of duty in the console wars!
9 years ago#4
I wrote a translation guide for CHP so if you run into any snags use that. For Zeus do you have Carnage Heart Second Zeus or Carnage Heart Zeus 2? In CHSZ there is a test you have to take at the beginning, it's multiple choice. I wrote up a answer guide for that but it isn't uploaded anywhere. Let me know if you need it. I haven't been able to score a copy of CHZ2 unfortunately so I can't answer questions about that game.
9 years ago#5
I have ZeusII (
But that guide would be nice. You could probably upload it to Gamefaqs.
I've had six tours of duty in the console wars!
9 years ago#6
I just snagged Zeus II as well. I've been waiting for a reasonably priced copy to come along and found one to my liking. It won't be here for at least a week but when it arrives I will hopefully be able to answer any questions you have. I can't do dialog translation except for small snippets but anything menu/item related (the kinds of things you can figure out on your own probably) is not a problem.
9 years ago#7

Having heard about this game form the DS7 forum I got a copy of the PSX verion from amazon... still waiting for it to arrive... If the PSP version does come out in english, I'm buying a PSP right away...

Is the PSP version a graphically updated version of the PSX version? Or does it have some new gameplay elements too?

Oh... another fun/unique RTS I recently got for the PSX: Warzone 2100. Check it out!

9 years ago#8
I played a bit of Warzone 2100. It is indeed a pretty damn fun game.

As to Carnage Heart Portable, it is a graphical update, it looks much, much better and the programming also works better interface-wise.

What makes CHP otherwise different?

-No 'strategy' element, programming and battling, that is what it's all about. I'd call programming more 'tactical' than strategic so there you are.

-A 'story' mode in which you battle different and more powerful enemies in between bouts of copious text.

-An arena mode in which you battle (again) successively more powerful enemies.

-You can upload your units and programming to a Japanese site (and download others' designs) so you can compete with other programmers. You can also lock our design so that others can't see the innards.

-There are additional hardware elements to the mechs though the details are escaping me right now.

Essentially Carnage Heart Portable came about because there were some hardcore CH fans working at Genki. It was a project borne out of desire to have a new CH game from lovers of the series. I think the game shows that to some extent with the freedom to set up arena matches and ladders any way you want. You have up to 3 mechs of your own on the field at once, there are full programming commands for communication between each of them. It's quite robust though the story mode is a bit short.

Bah, this is poorly written but I'm kind of distracted right now and can't check it. If there is anything that is unclear or you want more details just ask.
9 years ago#9
Oh, other things about CHP:

The programming, as I alluded to, is MUCH easier in CHP.

There are some more powerful debugging tools in CHP, you can even slow matches down to watch them step-by-step.

If you find you like Carnage Heart then look into obtaining the Japanese version of CHP and a PSP. With my translation guide you'll quickly learn how the programming works and that is the key element to the game. I'm probably going to put it into my PSP tonight before I crash, I know there are a couple things left to translate.
9 years ago#10
Ah, sorry for the triple post but a slight correction to something I wrote earlier...

The fans at Genki convinced the team at ArtDink to do a Carnage Heart game. Their enthusiasm is what drove the project forward including Genki's publishing the game.
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