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#1TeasumsPosted 7/6/2010 9:16:08 PM
Armored core master of arena for psone might intrigue you .. you create mechs and fight in real time also the second disc is an arena disc. where you can use your mech designs with basic ai programming to fight against. I loved it my friends and I would create arenas and mechs for days. Just dont know if you know about it so i decided to throw it out there.
#2emperorrobPosted 7/15/2010 8:37:38 AM
I used to have that game but I don't remember that part of it. The way I remember the ps1 AC games were better than the ps3 games but I really grew tired of the crappy auto-targeting so I quit playing them. But I do remember playing a lot of the old ones.

Lately, I've been pouring my energy into creating Little Big Planet levels. It would be fantastic to get another Carnage Heart or something similar.