Awesome moments in this game.

#1DarkReign2552Posted 2/2/2009 7:58:25 AM
I played this game a few years ago. It's not the greatest game ever made, but it still had it's moments. Here's a couple of my favorite moments.

1. I was raptor hunting. I had no radar, but I had a crossbow and scent cover. I got one in my sights and I inched my way closer to get a more accurate shot. I stop, target my prey, and all of a sudden another raptor burst out from the bushes to my right and ambushed me. A true Jurassic Park moment.

2.I got to a point where I started hunting rexes with pistols for a challenge. (You can't kill them unless you shoot them in the eye.) I took out 3 of them and there was one more on the island. I decided to use the jet pack cheat. As I get high enough, a rex bursts out. The A.I is somewhat stupid and the thing starts spinning in circles beneath me. I aim my pistol down at him, fired off 3 rounds, and the beat fell. Apparently as one of the bullet fell the rex spun it's eye right into it. It died and I went home with 4 new rexes in my trophy room.
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