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5 years ago#1
All the threads for this game are archived, so I thought I'd start this one.
Later on, I'll be posting the stats for all the dinosaurs and weapons, but first, some FAQS.

Q: Wtf? I die in one hit! What gives?!
A: Everything has HP, Health, hitpoints, whatever you want to call it.
The player, that's You, has exactly 1HP.

Q: Why can't I kill the Brontosaurus/Brachiosaurus? I thought you said it has HP!
A: It does. 1024HP, to be exact. However, it's also set to be invincible. Unless it has a weakpoint, like shooting T-Rex in the eye, there's no way to kill it.
I already tried, with a 1000 damage rifle at close range. 10 shots didn't do anything.

Q: How did you get a 1000 damage rifle?!
A: The game is easy to mod. You don't even need to download anything, just being able to edit text files is enough.
I'll post a section for that later on.

Q: It's too hard to hit anything when I'm hunting! Help!
A: Not a question, but I'll help. First, go to the options and set Sensitivity to minimum then Aggressiveness to slightly higher than minimum. The default settings are ridiculous, since everything will spot you from miles away. Next, equip the Camo and Scent Cover. I know you lose points for taking them, but you can get right up against most dinosaurs if you're good, and that means easier hunts plus more points.
If you're into cheating, my modding section will show you how to make it stupidly easy.

Q: It takes so long to get enough points! Is there an easier way?
A: Yes, but you need to be able to hunt any of the carnivores first. Choose any map, and set it to night mode, with only one dino, a carnivore of course, selected (more points is better, but forget the Rex). Only take the rifle, tranquilisers and double-ammo, forget anything else.
Start the hunt, and look around. Sometimes the dinos will spawn nearby, but if they don't, you'll just have to go searching. Since night mode gives you night-vision goggles, all dinos show up bright green, making them easier to find, and the carnivores will usually run straight to you anyway. When you see something, take it down and then leave the area/quit. That way, you won't get munched and lose your points.
When using the rifle, only shoot if the dino's body is as big as or bigger than the sights (that little circle, FYI).
Just fire at the body, forget headshots. A full clip will down anything smaller than a T-Rex.

Q: How come there's big black holes everywhere? What's wrong with my game?!
A: Turn run mode off. For some reason, having run mode on makes the water vanish. You can still swim, the water is just crappily rendered. It shouldn't affect the game too much. IMPORTANT: Do NOT turn run mode on and off while swimming. It can crash the game.

Q: Why is there no multiplayer?
A: When this was released, systems were kinda limited. Other than that, having multiple hunters running around would have made things frustrating. Think about stalking something, only to have someone else land the final shot and steal your points. Yeah.
When modding the game, I DID come across something interesting: There's an AI entry, not only for all the dinos, but the hunter.
At one point, the devs might have intended for AI Hunters to be wandering around. Maybe a mode where you play a dino and hunt people? That's just a theory, though.

Next post, stats for weapons and dinosaurs!
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5 years ago#2
---Dinosaur statistics---

First up, the friendly dinos. These guys just run.

Notes: Ignore these things. No point value, they're everywhere, and they just run around.

Notes: Ignore these things. No point value, they're everywhere, and they just run around.

Notes: Ignore these things. No point value, they're everywhere, and they just run around.

Notes: Ignore these things. No point value, they're everywhere, and they just fly around.

Notes: Ignore these things. No point value, they're everywhere, and they just fly around.

Notes: It has a Point Value entry in it's programming, but it's 0. Even modding it's health to 500 and shooting it with a 1000 damage weapon won't kill it or even get a reaction. No known weak-point, either. Won't react to your presence.

Notes: The first dino you can hunt. Harmless, but it's fast and a pain to catch. Big, though.

Notes: The second dino you can hunt. Harmless, but small, fast and easily spooked. Don't bother going for it unless you're sure you can hit or it's stuck somewhere.

Notes: The third dino you can hunt. Harmless. It's a big target, and pretty dumb. Easy to bring down.

Notes: The fifth dino you can hunt, and the last/biggest herbivore. Apparently it charges when wounded, but all it seems to do for me is run away. A walking bullseye.

These buggers will eat you.

Notes: The fourth dino you can hunt, and the first carnivore. Quick, aggressive and hard to spot at times. It's easy to deal with, as long as you see it coming.

Notes: Faster, smaller and meaner than the Allosaurus. You'll get eaten more than a few times by these things.

Notes: Smaller than the movie version, and surprisingly easy to deal with.

Notes: My personal point farm. Whenever I need points, I just hunt these guys. Big, not too fast and they look cool. IMPORTANT: These seem to have a higher chance to spawn in groups/pairs than any other carnivores. Or I'm just really unlucky.

Notes: Only one way to bring it down: Shoot for the eyes. I haven't tried a modded rifle and body shots yet, but I doubt it would do anything. The only real reason to hunt these things is for the glory of having one in your trophy room. Be prepared to get mauled, not just eaten, whenever one shows up.
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5 years ago#3
---Weapon Statistics---
Your little friends. Say hello.
(All ammo counts are before taking Double Ammo)

Ammo: 8
Damage: 2
Notes: Not very useful. It can bring down small dinos, but it's better for spooking them or luring in carnivores.

Ammo: 7
Damage: 1
Spray: 6 pellets per shot
Notes: Surprisingly useful, but only up close. A good backup.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Ammo: 6 (2 at a time)
Damage: 1
Spray: 6 pellets per shot
Notes: Ignore it. Useless, imo.

Ammo: 6
Damage: 6
Notes: Quiet, but that doesn't seem to matter much. If you want to use it, pretend it's a shotgun and get as close as you can. Forget sniping.

Ammo: 7
Damage: 4
Notes: The best weapon, so take it on almost every hunt. Highly accurate, even at long range, and a good panic weapon for when a carnivore wants to say Hi. Just don't miss.

Sniper Rifle
Ammo: 7
Damage: 4
Notes: When it's equipped, the scope is always active. The only real reason to take this thing along is if you're hunting T-Rex. Otherwise, it's not very useful, especially since it won't bring anything down with one shot.

Next post: Modding for Dummies!
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5 years ago#4
---Modding for Dummies---

--Stuffing around with Stuff--
The basics of Modding Carnivores 2

Carnivores 2
Text editor, like Notepad or Wordpad

First, open your Carnivores 2 game folder, the command line should look something like this:
C:\Program Files\Carnivores 2\HUNTDAT
Next, look for the _RES.TXT file. IMPORTANT: Back this file up!

Open it up and have a look, and I'll go into more detail.

---Weapon Modding---
More bang for your buck

The first thing you'll see is a series of, thankfully, simple parameters.
They should look something like the example:

name = 'Pistol'
file = ''
pic = 'bullet1.tga'
power = 2
prec = 0.8
loud = 0.8
rate = 1.6
shots = 8

Now, this is for the pistol, but everything looks more-or-less the same.
I'll explain the lines below:

name -- The weapon name. There's no reason to change this, so ignore it.
file -- What make the weapon work. DO NOT CHANGE THIS.
pic -- This changes how the ammo counter looks. You can play around with it.
power -- How much damage the weapon does per shot. Feel free to change it.
prec -- How accurate the weapon is. Change it if you want.
loud -- The weapons volume, ie super loud or silenced. Change it if you want.
rate -- Rate of fire, or how quick you can shoot. I'd leave it alone.
shots -- Amount of ammo per clip, or how many shot before reloading.
trace -- How many pellets a shotgun fires each shot. No reason to change it.

First up, we'll turn the pistol into something a little more powerful.

The default settings:
name = 'Pistol'
file = ''
pic = 'bullet1.tga'
power = 2
prec = 0.8
loud = 0.8
rate = 1.6
shots = 8

As you can see, it's nothing special. So, let's make it more useful.
Find the "power" line. See how it says "2"? That meant it does 2 damage with each shot. That's three shots to bring down the weakest target, so let's set it to 6 instead. I've tested it up to 1000, but doing so much damage makes the game too easy.

Next, we'll make it more accurate. Change the "prec" line value from 0.8 to 2.0, making it as accurate as a sniper rifle. Don't increase it too much, I haven't tested anything higher and I'm not sure what might happen. The game could crash.

Change the "loud" value to 0.1, and it'll be silent. Any lower hasn't been tested.

Leave "shots" alone. I've tested it up to 20, but it causes the ammo counter to act wierd.

The final change is optional. Change the "pic" value to something different, like "bullet3.tga". That way, it looks like your pistol is loaded with sniper rounds.

It should look like this:

name = 'Pistol'
file = ''
pic = 'bullet3.tga'
power = 6
prec = 2.0
loud = 0.1
rate = 1.6
shots = 8

Now you have a pistol capable of bringing down anything.
For modding the other weapons, just use this example, and don't try any crazy values, like "1000002". It could mess the game up badly.

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5 years ago#5
---Modding Dinosaurs---
The bite is worse than the bark

Under the Weapon lines and parameters, you'll find the character lines. You can ignore the following sections:
Hunter (Because it's you, and touching it could mess up the game)
Brachiosaurus (Changing anything would be pointless, just like the dino is)

What you're looking for is anything that looks like this:

name = 'Parasaurolophus'
file = ''
ai = 10
mass = 1.5
length = 5.8
radius = 320
health = 6
basescore = 5
smell = 0.8
hear = 1.0
look = 0.4
shipdelta = 48

Here's what everything means:

name -- The dino's name. Don't change it.
file -- What makes the dino work right. DON'T TOUCH IT.
ai -- What makes the dino behave properly. DON'T TOUCH IT
mass -- The dino's weight. No real reason to change it.
length -- How long it is. Don't bother with it.
radius -- I think this is the dino's detection radius. Ignore it.
health -- How much health the dino has. Don't set it lower than 1, or higher than 50.
basescore -- How many points the dino is worth. 1 to 500,to be safe.
scaleA -- Only carnivores have this. Don't touch it.
smell -- How keen the dino's sense of smell is. 0.1 to 1.0
hear -- How easily it'll hear you. 0.1 to 1.0
look -- How good it's eyesight is. 0.1 to 1.0
shipdelta -- DO NOT CHANGE THIS
danger -- Only carnivores have this. Setting it FALSE makes them helpless. UNTESTED

---Random crap---
Other stuff

start -- How many credits you start with. Leave it alone.
area -- How many credits each area costs. Set it to 10 or higher.
dino -- The cost for hunting that dino. Set it to 10 or higher.
weapon -- How much each weapon costs. 10 or higher.
acces -- The cost for Camo, Scent Cover, Radar and Double Ammo. Leave it alone.

Next post: Hopefully something useful.
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