Is there any faster way to level up Familiars?

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7 years ago#1
I finished the game like 4 times and none of them I managed to max 1 Familiar. Even when I am hunting for almost every equip. I am playing the PSP version by the way if its make a difference.
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7 years ago#2
The best place for leveling up familiars (and later on, the best place for quick Level-up's between 70-99) is always the Spectral Sword room in Anti-Chapel. Use Power of Sire/Pentagram and Duplicator, enter, use, exit, repeat.

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7 years ago#3
Anti-Chapel... is that in the Inverted Castle?
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7 years ago#4
Yes. - the original glitching website!! join our forum today!!
7 years ago#5
I also find that if your going for the dupe and not glitching, using the jewel sword on zombies in the first room is good cuz you will get lots of familiar exp. while you are hunting for gems to buy the dupe.
7 years ago#6
Familiar experience gains are not dependent on the level of the enemy, unlike Alucard. So, generally, it's best to fight the enemies that give the most experience. The best enemies in terms of pure experience are Guardians (1500), Scarecrows (1000), Lions (1000), Schmoos (1000), and Tin Men (1000). The latter can all be found in the Forbidden Library (Inverted Castle) and aren't that hard to kill.

However, the fastest way to level up your familiar is to go to the Anti-Chapel (Inverted Castle) and fight the Spectral Sword there, as noted. This is only if you have a Duplicator, however. The reason why is because the Spectral Sword in the Anti-Chapel has a number of shields and spears floating in front of it as soon as you enter the room, unlike the other kinds of Spectral Swords, which require you to get close to them before they summon their weaponry. If you use the various bomb type weapons you can kill them all very quickly, if not instantaneously. You should gain at least 10 familiar experience, regardless of the level of your familiar, and a great deal more if your familiar is low level. You can raise a familiar from level 1 to level 99 in /minutes/ this way.

However, you've got to have a duplicator, or a whole ton of bombs. The time required to get the duplicator may be more than the time required to level up your familiars on Forbidden Library enemies. Your choice. You may want the duplicator anyway, because it lets you use all those fun and ridiculously overpowered thrown weapons with reckless abandon.

Familiars are pretty nifty in SotN. They have some interesting abilities, and if Alucard has sufficient intelligence, they can be quite powerful. The Bat is interesting, though not very strong, but the Devil is a decent attacker, the Ghost will steal life for you, and the Fairy, when coupled with a duplicator, can make you literally immortal. You get hurt, she'll heal you. She'll just stat-boosting items on you. And if you somehow manage to get yourself killed, she'll revive you using a Life Apple. If you have a duplicator equipped, she'll never run out.
7 years ago#7
What is the fastest way to gain money for Duplicator? I never managed to get that item in my 4 previous games.
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7 years ago#8
Either sword glitch the librarian to get enough mony in about a minute or there are a few $1k bags dropped from candles that can get you there relativly quickly if you don't want to glitch. The last effective way that I have found is to kill zombies with the jewel sword. It all depends on whether you want to glitch or not. I feel that you should get it legit at least once before you glitch to get it.
7 years ago#9
I play the PSP version, I heard the Sword glitch and others were fixed.
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7 years ago#10
Killing endless streams of enemies, such as Zombies, is a decent way of earning money, assuming you get lucky and get something better than Zircons or Aquamarines. I've explained some other options in the "What is the fastest way to kill Guardians?" thread, so I'll just repost those particular paragraphs:

As for legitimately getting $500,000 for a Duplicator, if you're either opposed to cheating or are playing a version of the game in which the Librarian/Sword Brothers glitch doesn't work, you have several options:

It seems the way that's generally agreed to be the fastest is the room in the Colosseum with a $1000 bag. It's the room with the Shield Rod, just below the left save point in the Colosseum. The bag's also there in the inverted castle, and it's up to you whether you'd rather fight enemies (several Blade Soldiers, two Armor Lords, and a couple of Bone Muskets, I believe), or dodge floating invincible skulls. Either way, the fastest way to get through the room is to use Wing Smash, the Bat special attack spell. Wing Smash in, Wing Smash out. $1000 quick and easy, over and over. Kind boring and repetitive, but the fastest way.

You can also just run around with the Jewel Sword and hope to get lucky. This would be the least deliberate, intensive way to earn money, because you can just play the game. However, the Jewel Sword is not a good weapon. The damage, while not awful, is not stellar, while the recovery time is just painful. You also miss out on all the nifty stuff enemies can drop. The vast majority of it isn't worth bothering with, but all of the really good equipment can only be obtained from killing things and taking their stuff.

Another option that combines the two ideas to a degree is to run back and forth in the Reverse Catacombs, in the big room past the waterfall. There's a $2000 bag easily accessible in the middle of the room, you can equip the Jewel Sword and slaughter Cave Trolls for the occasional gems, as well as the Killer Fish, which can occasionally drop Aquamarines anyway. This is at least a nice change of pace from the Colosseum approach, while still a decent way to make fast money.
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