the lightning rod boss was hard...

#1GateOfDestinyPosted 12/6/2009 2:30:04 PM
don't know his name.
in the inverted castle..

stupid lightning balls that do 80 damage, and lightning static front of him that bounces me around..
spent like an hour trying to beat him.
finally checked a faq, and said there's some circlet that lets me absorb lightning attacks, checked the map, and couldn't figure out how to break the wall into it..

so went back to fight him regularly.
took about 30minutes of repeated attempts..

pretty much mist formed around when the electric ball barrage happened. and tried to get hits in with the regular lightning wave attack.
and when he does that lightning storm in front of him, i mist in between his legs and spam attack as many times as I could.

I used my up supply of 5 magic missiles and javelins and ninja stars too, but finally beat him..

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#2lookedPosted 12/6/2009 3:46:38 PM
Assuming you mean Galamoth, you could've beaten him in about 10 seconds with the shield rod + Alucard Shield combo.
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#3SlyTalbotPosted 12/6/2009 4:02:39 PM
You can use the beryl circlet when fighting him. The beryl circlet makes lightning damage heal you instead of harm you. You can find it in the inverted entrance. Go to the room where the mermen should be if it were the normal castle. Break both sides of the giant boulder. Enter the boulder as a wolf and exit as a bat. Doing so should open a new door in the wall that leads to the beryl circlet.
#4GateOfDestiny(Topic Creator)Posted 12/6/2009 4:12:07 PM
how the hell was I suppose figure that out...

Hentai = Art
You're a hundred years too early..
#5kevinskiPosted 12/6/2009 5:47:35 PM
Hahahaha...I recently made a playthrough of the Saturn version and posted it on YouTube. I made the mistaken of not getting the Beryl Circlet beforehand, so I decided to do things the hard way. Needless to say, I became a bit more familiar with some weapons that I generally don't use very often. XD

I'll link to the vids (Yes, plural.) of my attempts below. For the record, they do contain some profanity...

Part 0038 -
Part 0039 -
Part 0040 -
Part 0041 -
Part 0042 -
Part 0043 -

For the record, yes, I'm totally ashamed of myself. XD
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#6kevinskiPosted 12/6/2009 5:52:03 PM
Oops...that wasn't quite all of the vids... XD

Part 0044 -
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#7Rockstar_BobPosted 12/6/2009 7:42:29 PM
That dude was mad easy to read. >_>

When his sticks his pimp cane forward, Mist through his first leg, Unmist and start hacking at his other shin while under him. When his spread out lightning attack stops, Mist, Float away before his leg hits you.

If he sticks his cane up in the air, Move away and wait the for the black balls to stop attacking.

If he has his hand all together like and lightning is charging, He's gonna go Sonic Boom on you, At which point, Run up to his shin and get about 2-3 slashes in then back up before he kicks.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat until he drops down from Pimp Status to ***** Status. XD
#8Fa1nTyPosted 12/7/2009 7:07:29 AM
Maria on Saturn destroys him with the dragon spell, 1 dragon hits like 150 times >_>
#9kevinskiPosted 12/7/2009 7:14:28 AM
^ It still takes more than one dragon to defeat him, though, so you spend a decent amount of time waiting for your MP to recharge.
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#10friendlydudePosted 12/8/2009 2:15:08 AM
"i mist in between his legs and spam attack as many times as I could"

eeeeeeeewwwwwww :p

seriously, all the answers are here in this very helpful topic