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User Info: Fellowdepth

7 years ago#1
I'm at the point in the game before you go to Mt Pyre, and I want to get the last part of Skelly in shadow forest (I did Guile's route previously) but it looks like there's a big plant creature blocking my way further into the forest. This is on the 3rd screen, I think, and when I hit X on it a character says something about it being sleeping. Is there a way around this creature, or is this not the right way at all?

User Info: Pernai

7 years ago#2
In that same screen is a waterfall. You can enter into it. Inside, you'll find Skelly's last bone on the ground hiding under a notebook.

User Info: emilieautumn08

7 years ago#3
search around a small waterfall or riverfall(?) theres a cavern, enter, talk to the man inside and he will give you a pollen pouch, and listen to his explanation on how to use it, that should do.
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