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4 years ago#491
It's been great while it lasted - I'll pop in to chat again on the next topic...
Where logic won't work - I will
PAL Gamers unite -
4 years ago#492
I accomplished a lot while this topic has been around. I think in the next six years we will have a tiberium factory in operation. MC Link will be my main man to go out and do the Commando thing and I will sit back randomly selecting targets for the Ion cannon.

true story
4 years ago#493
Another trip to Orlando booked - I'll get you some more oranges
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4 years ago#494
MC stateside woohoo!!!

Here's my latest debut:

I'm the Amish dude on the right at like 22-23. Made it in the first episode shooting in the same spot where they were filming us whacking weeds in a field.

The best thing was that they filmed that shot like 15 minutes from my house.

Crazy tv show.
4 years ago#495

Your job is SO much more interesting than mine... :(
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4 years ago#496
This topic is almost dead! Found another clip with me in it. From :06-:11 you will see a true television anomaly (a red-bearded Amish guy, there are no red-headed Amish people) and me as the Irish Amish walking behind him. Scored some face time haha.

Also in this scene at :10 is none other than the lady in Zombieland who drops the piano on the zombie for the zombie kill of the week. She is the white-haired lady taking the food. She's like the most well known of us extras haha.

Wish i could do this stuff full time but it's just a hobby. Been sick and ran out of PTO time to do this stuff this year. But I did get moved up to payroll at my real job haha.
4 years ago#497
Stupid real jobs.... they get in the way of everything!!!!!

Where do we go from here!? Only three posts left I think........


We need a new top secret hideaway......

I have had flu, so set myself the task of playing through ALL Zelda games to completion..... managed to do WW, LA, SS and TP..... next up is Minish Cap... might try LttP first though..... but I am thinking maybe this is tooooo much Zelda.
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3 years ago#498

I don't know how super secret this topic was but MC you should totally start the next one...
3 years ago#499
The floor is yours Joey, it's been emotional.

Friends applaud, the comedy is finished.
~~ Ludwig van Beethoven, composer, d. March 26, 1827
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