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The atmosphere to this game feel so out of place.... (Archived)PC-GamingFAQS14/7 11:57PM
This game (Archived)ObligatoryFate27/13/2014
Oh dear (Archived)Skeletal_King11/12/2014
Nuke's (Archived)
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Can you form alliances with the AI's in Skirmish mode? (Archived)ProudlyHated8737/20/2013
How long to finish for an average to slow player? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
JW ACE139/3/2012
Where can I download this freeware from? (Archived)Spectre38721/18/2012
How are you, gentlemen? (Archived)GeneralFatman19/7/2011
patcher problem (Archived)Groovy Dude28/10/2011
anyone want to play online? (Archived)doublegamer15/24/2011
seems like ea removed it being free (Archived)kinsuta5624/29/2011
About time a new topic was here For all you windows 7 64 bit users (Archived)cheese0070114/4/2011
Will there be anybody on the Command and Conqer boards for the EA games versions (Archived)_alex_611/3/2010
Wolf in Sheeps..... Mission something interesting (Archived)Sierra_Alpha410/4/2010
Question about a Nod campaign mission (spoilers) (Archived)LancetJades28/24/2010
Nod Mission: Capture Jack Mcneil is not bugged (Archived)Chrisjh022387/22/2010
Anyone know how to level skip? (Archived)whitecrackan6925/9/2010
install multima mod? (Archived)raphael_erfe14/29/2010
Ultima version? (Archived)raphael_erfe14/29/2010
How do I make elite units? (Archived)popoetr24/22/2010
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