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final boss spin (Archived)hergman52/8/2011
Dang, boy! (Archived)spongeliv41/30/2011
no tails? (Archived)hergman21/25/2011
Anyone remember the Nintendo Power guide... (Archived)RiderAce212/23/2010
GameFAQs seriously needs to re-word it's description of Conker's Bad Fur Day... (Archived)
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looking to sell this game... (Archived)bigdeez512/14/2010
How did Nintendo ever allow this game to be on their console? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I just beat this game yesterday and I'd just like to take a moment (Archived)tfarrello1012/12/2010
Lines you'll always remeber from this game. (Archived)
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Vote for Conker today! (Archived)WarioCoborlwitz711/14/2010
God, how i miss this (Archived)aquadude12311/14/2010
Need's a XBLA release (Archived)blacktorn911/1/2010
proportions of stuff (Archived)hergman110/29/2010
Conker Quoting Game (Archived)
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Starting a LET'S PLAY! (No trollers or spammers here plz) (Archived)
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why is this game not being revisited for the current gen? (Archived)wiicat37710/7/2010
Nominate this game for the GameFAQs Game of the Decade! (Archived)WarioCoborlwitz510/5/2010
Conker like stung my life. (Archived)XXsunnyXX1259/20/2010
Just finished Barn Boys (Spoilers if any) (Archived)harlet9039/14/2010
have you ever sat on a piece of gothic architecture? (Archived)onehatesyou39/14/2010
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