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I really want to like this game, but the camera is TERRIBLE. (Archived)ChiefFreeman84/5/2010
Can you believe... (Archived)
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hey conker is on todays top 10 list on gamefaqs (Archived)TaLTagTeamCamps53/30/2010
Playing as other characters in Heist? (Archived)delsait83/1/2010
Ever wonder what it would be like if we got the other version that was planned? (Archived)TMW001102/25/2010
I had almost forgotten about this game! (Archived)Intellijosh12/22/2010
Wait, La Marseillaise played in the game? *end spoilers* (Archived)WarioCoborlwitz42/21/2010
WTH is up with this description? (Archived)
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HELP! can't pee on the rocks.... (Archived)Dooley2k421/23/2010
Isn't it a bit early in the day to start talking about Gothic architecture? (Archived)
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Tiny splitscreen. (Archived)Apes_A_Poppin21/17/2010
Two different boxarts? (Archived)OUENDAAAN51/12/2010
which version should I get? (Archived)
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Pitchfork battle in barn. (Archived)Ejak202141/9/2010
thinking about buying on amazon (Archived)YourWickedness31/5/2010
Found a copy of this game in my friend's game closet a couple weeks back... (Archived)dARK_demonwolf1012/27/2009
I feel silly (and pissed off) *SPOILERS* (Archived)ChesecakeMilita512/26/2009
I've noticed something interesting about the game... (WARNING: ENDING SPOILERS!) (Archived)KingCrInuYasha212/25/2009
What sets this game apart from others is... (Archived)ChesecakeMilita612/8/2009
dont understand why the xbox version didnt have the same effect (Archived)lancebalog711/14/2009