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thinking about buying on amazon (Archived)YourWickedness31/5/2010
Found a copy of this game in my friend's game closet a couple weeks back... (Archived)dARK_demonwolf1012/27/2009
I feel silly (and pissed off) *SPOILERS* (Archived)ChesecakeMilita512/26/2009
I've noticed something interesting about the game... (WARNING: ENDING SPOILERS!) (Archived)KingCrInuYasha212/25/2009
What sets this game apart from others is... (Archived)ChesecakeMilita612/8/2009
dont understand why the xbox version didnt have the same effect (Archived)lancebalog711/14/2009
making a video walkthru of conker bad fur day (n64) (Archived)Panzerdrako111/10/2009
Playing NTSC Conker on a EU-PAL machine, Passport 64 (Archived)ADRockz311/5/2009
If you want a sequal... (Archived)rezaching210/23/2009
How much cash is in the whole game? (Archived)Mestophles410/11/2009
Any sequal in the coming years? (Archived)SumthinFuzzy410/2/2009
Conker's is on a top 100 list! (Archived)NobleEskimo29/17/2009
Why wasn't Conker in the running for All Time Greatest Game Hero? (Archived)TheMassEffect49/10/2009
I'm surprised Conker wasn't a depressing mess at the end. *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Your favorite level in this game? (Archived)
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Which references did you get? (Archived)
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how do I get the cash in the intro area? (Archived)MOOtodaHOOD58/13/2009
Mupen64k 0.7.9 Conker's Multimatch (Archived)TotakekeJ68/8/2009
Mupen64k 0.7.9 Conker's Multimatch! (Archived)Jakester1262117/29/2009
Does this need the memory pack? (Archived)Phasmatis9227/22/2009
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