I have all 30 Platinum relics! Share your opinion on which is the hardest.

#1Link03456Posted 6/12/2009 10:26:11 AM

Toad Village - Took me two tries. Fairly easy.

Under Pressure - Got it on my first try. Very easy.

Orient Express - Took me an hour. Even on a perfect run, I missed it by a few frames...consistently. Very hard.

Bone Yard - Took me three tries. Fairly easy.

Makin' Waves - Took me an hour. Just like on Orient Express, I kept missing it by a few frames over and over. Very hard.

Gee Wiz - Got it on my first try. Very easy.

Hang 'em High - Took me about five minutes, but I got it on my first try where I didn't get killed by a scorpion. Fairly easy.

Hog Ride - Took me an hour. You have to hold a wheelie the entire race. Very hard.

Tomb Time - Took me an hour and a half. Very hard.

Midnight Run - Took me about five tries. A decent-to-easy challenge.

Dino Might! - Got it on my first try. Very easy.

Deep Trouble - First try. Very easy.

High Time - I used to think the gold was impossible, now I can get platinum easily. A decent challenge for others, however.

Road Crash - Took me seven hours. Extremely hard.

Double Header - Took me only three tries to get it, but now I can't get it anymore! Decent-to-hard challenge.

Sphynxinator - Took me 30 minutes. Easy to beat the time, but also easy to die. A decent challenge, overall.

Bye-Bye Blimps - Took me three tries, but I can't get it anymore. Very hard.

Tell No Tales - Took me eight hours. Extremely easy to die, easy to miss a time box, and it's hard to beat the time.

Future Frenzy - Took me ten minutes. Easy-to-medium difficulty.

Tomb Wader - First try. Very easy to beat the time, but also very easy to die. Easy-medium difficulty.

Gone Tomorrow - First try, and I think I have the WR (0:51.01)! Very easy.

Orange Asphalt - Took me four hours. Very hard-to-extremely hard difficulty.

Flaming Passion - Took me about ten tries. A decent challenge.

Mad Bombers - Took me five tries, but I can't get it anymore. Very hard.

Bug Lite - First try. Very easy.

Ski Crazed - First try. Easy to beat the time, easy to die. Overall, it's an easy-to-decent challenge.

Area 51? - Took me about a half hour. A decent challenge.

Rings of Power - After watching some videos on YouTube, first try. Easy-to-medium difficulty.

Hot Coco - First try. Extremely easy to beat the time (08:33.58), but kind of easy to die. Just take your time.

Eggipus Rex - First try. Very easy to beat the time (01:11.24), near impossible to die.

Tier List

Based on difficulty. Not awesomeness.


1. Tell no Tales
2. Road Crash


3. Orange Asphalt


4. Tomb Time


5. Mad Bombers
6. Makin' Waves
7. Bye-Bye Blimps
8. Hog Ride
9. Orient Express


10. Double Header
11. Area 51?
12. Flaming Passion
13. High Time
14. Sphynxinator
15. Ski Crazed
16. Rings of Power
17. Tomb Wader
18. Midnight Run
19. Future Frenzy


20. Hang 'em High
21. Toad Village
22. Bone Yard


23. Bug Lite
24. Under Pressure
25. Dino Might!
26. Gone Tomorrow
27. Gee Wiz
28. Deep Trouble


29. Eggipus Rex


30. Hot Coco

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#2He_Who_PlayethPosted 6/15/2009 1:20:10 AM
tell no tales and Rings of power
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#3Moonchild21Posted 6/15/2009 11:54:05 AM
Just for the record, I have the PAL version (therefore no auto-platinums for me in the secret levels!).

Toad Village - Don't die, go reasonably fast, Platinum in the bag. Very easy.

Under Pressure - I'm not really a fan of the swimming levels at all. Be persistent and it's not all that tough. Moderate.

Orient Express - Accuracy is demanded here, fortunately the level is not that long and, with persistence, it'll come. Hard.

Bone Yard - Don't die, go reasonably fast, get invincibility. Memorise the chase parts if needs be, but that's not tough. Easy.

Makin' Waves - Maybe I'm missing a trick here, but I've only ever squeaked this Platinum. Take the corners tight, get all the boxes, and get lucky. Very hard.

Gee Wiz - Too simple. Get invincibility, avoid the holes and keep running. Very easy.

Hang 'em High - Kinda annoying, especially with out-of-sight boxes and awkward bars. Getting invincibility is a must. Moderate.

Hog Ride - You do have to hold a wheelie the entire race, but it's not all that long and a few efforts should do it. Moderate.

Tomb Time - Learn the level and avoid the enemies up to invincibility. The time is quite tough and you have to be fast in the early part of the level. Took me a few tries. Moderate.

Midnight Run - Like Orient Express, accuracy is a must, but there's more leeway for errors here. Learn the level and make sure you get the valuable boxes, and Platinum won't take long. Moderate.

Dino Might! - Again, pretty easy. Get used to the dino's controls and practice getting all the boxes in that section. The rest is simple if you know the layout of the chase part. Easy.

Deep Trouble - Hate the swimming levels, but the platinum time is relatively generous. Try to keep hold of the sub when you get it. Fairly hard.

High Time - "I used to think the gold was impossible, now I can get platinum easily." The same comment from me pretty much. It takes a lot of practice to work out the best rhythm to get past the awkward bits. Until you get that rhythm though, this one will be a struggle. Hard.

Road Crash - You have to be near-perfect here, plus you have to get lucky with avoiding the opposing cars (I could never do this when I waited for them to go). Took me a few hours solid work to get under 1:17.08, having previously got 1:17.24, 1:17.16 (x3) and then also a time of 1:17.12. Very very hard work.

Double Header - Not in the same class as the other medieval levels, but still pretty easy. Use the walls to your advantage. Easy.

Sphynxinator - Easy to beat the time, but also easy to die. That, and you have to get the timing right as the Platinum limit is not all that generous here. Moderate.

Bye-Bye Blimps - Took me many attempts. You have to get the right pattern and have good accuracy to get this one. Hard.

Tell No Tales - Didn't take me eight hours, but it was a fair number of attempts at this one. The Platinum time is not generous here either, you need 99% of the boxes and to get those, you need to be lucky and have good timing. Very hard.

Future Frenzy - There are a lot of places this one can go wrong. If you reach the third mask and gain invincibility in good time though, you're most of the way there. The time is not easy, but not that hard either. Moderate.

Tomb Wader - This one's all about timing. If you have the right timing and you're brave enough, without dying of course, the time follows quite easily. However, getting all of that together is no foregone conclusion. Hard.

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#4Moonchild21Posted 6/15/2009 12:25:42 PM
Gone Tomorrow - Practice the first part of the level here. If you can clear that part fast, and without losing a mask, you're pretty much guaranteed this Platinum. Easy.

Orange Asphalt - Another tough biking level, though (thankfully) not as tough as Road Crash. You do still need all the boxes and to hold wheelies most of the time though. Hard.

Flaming Passion - I love this level, I can beat it on Platinum by 12+ seconds without any effort. That's not to say it's not hard for a newer player, it's easy to mis-time a jump or get frustrated by the flying carpets. There is a lot of leeway in the platinum time though. Fairly easy.

Mad Bombers - Took me many efforts, half the battle is not getting shot down yourself, which happens very easily. There is a lot of leeway in the time, but if you're not accurate enough you lose bags of time too. Hard.

Bug Lite - This one is simple, one of the easiest Platinums and developer times in the whole game. Very easy.

Ski Crazed - Quite tough, but the time on the clock can be deceptive. Hitting enough boxes to keep the time frozen in the second half of the level is the main challenge here; from about half-way onwards, there's enough out there to not lose another moment. Don't give up until the time on the clock is above the Platinum limit, no matter how long there seems left in the level. Fairly hard.

Area 51? - The time is quite lenient, which is a good job as memorising the level layout and locations of time boxes can be hard. However, compared to Road Crash or even Orange Asphalt, I'd have this one any day. Fairly hard.

Rings of Power - This one is bizarre. For a long while I found it impossible to break 57s, then when I did I got entrenched in the 54s and couldn't break that. Now 53s seem easy. Try to take the shortest possible route and do lots of practice. Hard.

Hot Coco - Without the luxury of an automatic platinum here, you actually have to plan the best route and execute it near-perfectly if you want platinum. With help on the first part, it's not too bad, but alone you can struggle for hours on this one. Hard.

Eggipus Rex - This one's all about timing. If you get the right timing to avoid the obstacles and jump on the pterodactyls, this one is easy. It might take a few efforts to get that timing right though. Easy.

Tier List

Based on difficulty. Not awesomeness.

1. Road Crash
2. Tell No Tales

("Top Tier" removed as it is a misnomer when there is a God Tier above it =P)

3. Makin' Waves
4. Rings of Power
5. High Time
6. Bye-Bye Blimps

7. Hot Coco
8. Orange Asphalt
9. Orient Express
10. Mad Bombers
11. Tomb Wader

12. Ski Crazed
13. Deep Trouble
14. Area 51?
15. Tomb Time
16. Future Frenzy
17. Midnight Run
18. Under Pressure
19. Sphynxinator
20. Hog Ride
21. Hang 'Em High
22. Flaming Passion

23. Dino Might!
24. Double Header
25. Eggipus Rex

26. Gone Tomorrow
27. Bone Yard
28. Gee Wiz

29. Bug Lite
30. Toad Village

Nothing like NTSC's Hot Coco to go here, sadly.

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#5Moomba33Posted 6/15/2009 2:11:11 PM
High time drove me insane, it took me a few hours to get that one. I don't remember having too much trouble on the others.
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#6NiBuEAPosted 6/18/2009 11:53:56 PM
I'm on the PAL version, but Road Crash was ridiculous. I manged to get 1.16 something after what must have been >100 attempts. I'm never going in there again. Area 51 was bad too.
#7Link03456(Topic Creator)Posted 6/20/2009 3:30:38 PM
Interesting. I found the platinums in the underwater levels to be extremely easy. I also thought Rings of Power was extremely hard, but once I found out that you can cut corners, I got it on my first try! Oh, and the platinum relics aren't automatic on the NTSC version. It's just incredibly easy to beat the required time, so most people think it's automatic. I've tested it out, and with a 1:16 on Eggipus Rex (my first try), I got only gold, and for Hot Coco, I got 9:59.99 (I was going for the gem, and I was testing it out), I got Sapphire. So yeah - they aren't automatic like most people think.
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#8He_Who_PlayethPosted 6/22/2009 2:01:03 AM
Ok, cancel my post about rings of power and tell no tales. I also have the PAL version, and I agree with NiBuEA, those are the only two I haven't got platinum on (yet...)

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