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5 years ago#1
What are the Necromancer's base stat's max at, that is before adding modifiers and such, when you can't add stat points anymore?
5 years ago#2
depends on where you put your points and build your character, you cant max out every skill. if your a summoner you have more points there and your char stands around while your minions do good damage. or bonemancer wehre you have a golem and a merc maybe some others and everything into bone spear and bone spirit and their synergys and do like 4000 damage or you go about it with your own mix of summoning curses and bone stuff which could be good or equally easy to screw up and make it weak. i have a mix necro at lvl 72 having 25 minions a golem and on bone spear i do 2200 and bone spirit i do 2400 and it works cuz i never get hit, i call the minions decoys, and i just hit from a far with bonespear hitting many guys at once. so the question you have is the max stats of which build?
5 years ago#3
in which case i have no idea
5 years ago#4
i meant your strength, vit, dex, energy, when can you stop putting stat points in each of those.

like in diablo 1, the warrior could have 250 str, 100 vit, 150 dex, and 50 mag, after those they turn to gold color and you can't add point to them, or use elixers to add to them.

that's what i want to know for diablo 2, what's the max strength, dex, energy, etc, i can add stat points too, until it stops letting me add to that category.

i've looked everywhere and can't find that info. so someone at such a high level probably knows that.
5 years ago#5
i see in your first sentence that you can't max out stats. good to know. thanks.
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