tier list?

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8 years ago#1
8 years ago#2
God Tier : Diddy Kong
Low Tier: Everybody else

8 years ago#3
I always used that gay mouse...pip i think her name was. Is diddy actually better cos I'm gonna try and complete this soon.
8 years ago#4
god tier:Diddy Kong
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8 years ago#5
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8 years ago#6

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8 years ago#7

TT was the best, he was very broken.... unless you were in a plane, for whatever reason he SUCKED in planes.


Top Tier

TT, Tiptup, Pipsy (although I could not stand her, thats why I used Tiptup!)

Average Tier

Bumper, Timber, Diddy, Konker

Bad Tier

Banjo, Crunch, Drumstick


TT is the best, no questions asked. Unless he's in a plane, then Tiptup is the best.

Tiptup is better than Pipsy.

Bumper is better than timber/diddy/konker who all seem identical from what i remember.

Banjo is slower than Crunch or Drumstick but handles better.... Drumstick and Crunch tie for the worst.

No one else had posted an actual tier list, so there is mine.

8 years ago#8
sniff sniff
8 years ago#9
I only know the tier list to the DS

W/E, heres the DS tier list >_>

Top Tier
Wizpig, Drumstick,Taj,T.T
middle tier
Diddy,dixie,tiny,timber, bumper
low tier
Krunch, Tiptupz,Tipsyz
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8 years ago#10
Drumstick Is Very Useful When You Don't Have T.T!

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