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8 years ago#1
I remember playing this game as a little kid, adn I think i stopped at about 56 balloons. I was gona get back into playing this game, and I am wondering, who is the best character to use to get through the game fast?
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8 years ago#2
T.T is the best character and there no way you got 56 balloons
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8 years ago#3
He easily could've gotten 56 balloons without beating the game. There's a code that gives an extra balloon for each time it's entered, and I know I tried it a few times before actually realizing what it did. That's how I accidentally got 49 balloons.

Here's my take on the best racer situation. Keep in mind that I base my judgement of racers on how they perform in all aspects of Adventure mode, including how they compare to the AI.

TT is supposed to be the best racer. In actuality, the best racers are the following, in the following vehicles*:
Car: Tiptup (Pipsy is better suited for some SCC's and some boss races, though Wizpig1 is easier with Tiptup IMO. Pipsy's handling is superior to Tiptup's, but Tiptup's top speed is better, and the handling difference only shows in the plane and in some SCC's. Tiptup is the best character to use to unlock TT, IMO)
HoverCraft: Bumper (Tiptup is typically better in races with sharp turns, since his acceleration allows for an overall higher top speed than Bumper, and a vortex turn[hold R and turn] allows Tiptup to make the turn a little wider, but he maintains momentum better)(TT is also a great choice)
Plane: Drumstick (Pipsy is also useful for the Dragon boss, though I feel Drumstick is better suited. However, she is DEFINITELY better against Wizpig2, since her handling makes the balloons more easily obtainable)

*Note: In some races, and under certain circumstances, other racers may be better suited for any of the vehicles. I'll try to list these racers and some situations as best I can, in accordance to what I remember.
And the TT analysis:
Car: He's got a GREAT top speed for the car and a quick acceleration, and is above average in the handling department. So why isn't he the best in a car? The simple fact that he is a middleweight. Not only is he a middleweight, but he also has the same unique attributes of Bumper that the rest of the midweights don't have. That means that, when he is hit by a weapon, he is slower to regain his top speed than the other midweights, and has relatively bad traction. His lack of great turning shows on long turns, and can often be a nuisance when he ends up in the middle or at the outside edge during a turn, and you see two racers zip by you, and by the time you get back to the inside, you have another racer competing with you for third. On top of that,
while he shines in straightaways and his powerslides are wide enough to make up for the flawed handling on long turns, he simply doesn't match up to the AI when the objective of silver coin collecting is added on in Adv2. Other racers can consistently handle the silver coin challenges in Adv2 MUCH better, and that makes him imperfect, while Tiptup is the perfect racer in a car for most races. TT does do well in the first race against Tricky, the Dino Domain boss, since Tricky is slow enough to allow you to slow down and mind your turning near the end of the race where the paths are narrower and require sharper turning, but Tricky speeds up in the rematch, and granted that the shortcut isn't used(and even if it is), TT just isn't as good on turns as Pipsy and Tiptup, and though he can do it, the lightweights are better suited.

Hover: He's a middleweight+, just like Bumper, so logically, he should be better in a hovercraft than Bumper. Sadly, he DOES have better turning than Bumper, and that makes his turning too sensitive for a hovercraft. He does great in any all-water hovercraft race, and is a definite competitor for the position of Best Hovercraft Racer, but isn't the best simply because of his oversensitive turning.


Obviously, some people will disagree with my choices for the best racers, but I'm sure that I gave the best overall selections
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8 years ago#4
Thankz. and btw, i didn't beat the game, i was saying, i stopped at 56 balloons, and wanted TO beat the game. Or aleast Wizpig. So tiptup is the best character to use?
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8 years ago#5
Generally, yes. He is good in all vehicles.
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8 years ago#6
Aside from T.T. and Drumstick, the rest of the characters are in some way balanced. It's really just preference.
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8 years ago#7
They aren't balanced. A few are, but Tiptup and Pipsy are NOT balanced. Their top speed is a little below average, but since most racers don't have the acceleration needed and most tracks have too many turns, Tiptup and Pipsy's acceleration makes up for the lack of a high top speed, and their handling is insane in a car and a plane. Lightweight character's are NOT balanced. It's the reason why all of the advanced players tend not to use them if they're wanting a challenge or are just having fun. They are too good. Meanwhile, the heavyweight characters are usually bad on most tracks when used by one who isn't used to them, but Banjo and Drumstick can be abused to hell by someone like me, who knows the game well enough to use every method of competitive racing in DKR, such as using a short power slide to ram into midweight/lightweight racers on turns to knock them back a few places.
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8 years ago#8
generally, tracks with planes as default will favor top speed which means the lightweights will have trouble since their handling is meaningless.
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8 years ago#9
Personally i think T.T. and Pipsy are the best characters.

T.T. works for every vehicle but if you don't have T.T. I suggest Pipsy.

Pipsy's handling in the car is perfect and as far as speed goes she's pretty fast but if you don't think she's fast enough I'd use the A button cheat.

As for the plane I'd use Drumstick because he's a lot faster than everyone else (Except T.T) and as far as handling goes in the plane you just gotta make a lot of sharp turns.

hover craft- Pipsy again. no explanation needed.

Personally, I don't really like using tiptup because his handling isn't as good as Pipsy and their both pretty much equally fast.
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8 years ago#10
what's the a button cheat?
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