50 Balloons?

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User Info: soccer14scores

8 years ago#1
Ok, I just beat Wizpig the second time after I pulled this game out last week. And I had 47 balloons when I came to the end, which made sense. (5 worlds x 4 courses x 2 times each = 40. Plus 4 floating in the hub world and 3 from challenges.) Now I noticed that when I was younger, I somehow got 50 balloons. Does anyone know how the heck I did that?

User Info: Phoenix1745

8 years ago#2
I just picked this game back up again and I was wondering about the balloons as well. I have 39 and just beat wizpig, and I know their were 4 more races to do twice so I would be at 47, so that didn't seem like the right number to me
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User Info: MrGuru64

8 years ago#3
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User Info: Waluigi256

8 years ago#4
hi mr guru long time so see lol

and if i remember right you can put in EOLAOBFENRLONE in the cheats and get more balloons if you unscramble it it says one free balloon

o yea and i hate you for beating my hover craft times on the first few levels
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User Info: sm64pro

8 years ago#5
Magic codes.

User Info: Mood4food77

8 years ago#6
that's wierd

i just beat my friend's on adventure 1 with 48 balloons......i went to wizpig after my 47th one and i was like....i didn't finish, i still had to do star city, i go back and do that and i had 48 balloons....i dunno how

i don't know if a gameshark was involved or anything like that
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